Portal Achievements Guide

Portal Achievements guide – Road To 100% – Guides to unlock all achievements with locations, video guides and tips


Portal Achievements Guide – Solutions

Guides to unlock all achievements – 100% Completion


  • Lab Rat – Story related
  • Fratricide – Drop the companion cube in the incinerator at chapter 5.
  • Partygoer – Self explanatory
  • Heartbreaker: Self-explanatory
  • Terminal Velocity – Once you have unlocked the second portal gun find a location with portal-able surfaces. Place one color over you by looking straight up. Do not take any steps. Place the portal of another color directly below your eyes.
  • Long Jump at Chapter 5’s beginning, Testchamber 13. It can be easily obtained elsewhere in the game, though it is possible to use the same wall setup.
  • Cupcake – Check out the Portal advanced maps guide
  • Fruitcake – Check out the Portal advanced maps guide
  • Vanilla Crazy Cake – Check out the Portal advanced maps guide
  • Basic Science – Self explanatory
  • Rocket Science – Self explanatory
  • Aperture Science – Self explanatory
  • Camera Shy – Start a new chapter. Play until you reach the test chamber. Place portals behind the cameras. Type console: Changelevel testchmb_a_02. Place portals again behind the cameras.
  • Friendly fire: This is self explanatory
  • Transmission: Play the game and locate all radios ( Radios locations).

Portal Advanced Maps

Guides to beat all x6 Portal Advanced maps:

1st Portal advanced Map 1 – Credits To Youtuber Pixel

2nd Portal advanced map 2 – Credits to youtuber Pixel:

3rd Portal advanced map 3 – Credits to youtuber Pixel:

4th Portal advanced map 4 – Credits to youtuber Pixel:

5th Portal advanced map 5 – Credits to youtuber Pixel:

6th Portal advanced map 6 – Credits to youtuber Pixel:

Radios Locations

A video guide with the x26 Radio Locations – Credits to youtuber Durexip


Portal Achievements Guide – Descriptions

These are only descriptions of the actions you need to take to achieve each achievement.

  • Lab Rat – Purchase the fully powered Aperture Science Handheld Portal device.
  • Fratricide – Do what it takes to survive.
  • Partygoer – Make sure you choose the right party to escort your submission position decision.
  • Heartbreaker: Complete portal.
  • Terminal Velocity – Fall 30,000 Feet
  • Long Jump – Jump 300 Feet
  • Cupcake – Beat two Portal advanced maps.
  • Fruitcake – Beat four Portal advanced maps.
  • Vanilla Crazy Cake – Beat all six Portal advanced map.
  • Basic Science – Earn bronze medals for all Portal challenges
  • Rocket Science – Earn silver medals for all Portal challenges
  • Aperture Science – Earn gold medals for all Portal challenges
  • Camera Shy – Remove security cameras from walls.
  • Friendly fire: Take down a turret and replace it with another turret
  • Transmission received:

We hope this guide helped you reach 100% of your goals. We are here to help you if you need any assistance or if you have questions.