PowerWash Simulator – StegoScore Achievement Guide

This is a quick guide for those who don’t want to spend an entire hour trying to figure how to make the ball go up the stegoslide.


How do you get StegoSlide achievement

You have the ball on the playground flooring. How do you get the ball up the slide? You can’t just keep bouncing it in with water. It will bounce off the face of the stego and you’ll have to chase it all over the place.

Here’s where your trusted step stool comes in. Place it as shown on the slide.

As shown in the picture, place the ball in the corner of the slide and stool.

Crouching down and facing the slide will allow you to get a good view of the ball and help it climb the slide. The ball will have the most power if you use the red nozzle with no extensions. It’s easy to get the ball rolling once it is over the lip of the slide.