Project Slayers Final Selection Guide

Project Slayers’s Final Selection Instructions & Requirements locations, starting Times and quest guide that outlines all the steps needed to become demon slayers.


To become a demon-slayer you have to first acquire an breathing style (optional) at the age of 12+ in any of the trainers. Then, after you have reached the age of 15+, you’ll be eligible to take part in your Final Selection. This will take place at specific time slots during the day. These are marked on the map at the location.


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Project Slayers Final Selection Guide – Location

Final Selection Final Selection is the southernmost location of importance in this map So you’ll will have to travel the entire map to locate yourself at the beginning of the stage of spawn. You can find the exact location here . Map

If you own more than 1,200 Wen, you are able to use your fast travel option. From the inventory , browse the map and then purchase the option to travel fast for 1200 Wen. Once it is installed, you can speak to any horse NPC that you will find in the outer reaches of nearly every village.

Project Slayers Final Selection Guide – Start Times

Prior to making the journey or taking a fast route take note of the fact that the journey to become an Slayer is only possible four times during the day.

  • 6 am est
  • 11 am est
  • 4 pm est
  • 10 pm est

If you’re not certain the time is EST in your country , or city, you can to search 6am est in the city you live in, and it will show you the time 6am is the equivalent time in your area.

Project Slayers Final Selection Guide – Quests

There are 7 Quests to complete in The Final Selection

  • 1st Quest: Talk to Beth: Talk to Beth
  • 2nd Quest: Find Beth’s katana: Go upstairs > turn to the right following the slope Near a tree
  • 3rd Quest – Care for the demons of Sakura.
  • 4th Quest – Locate Ouwbae’s food
  • 5th Quest – Help brandon (Defeat 7 Yowai demons)
  • 6th Quest – Help many (Defeat 5 Heikin demons)
  • 7th Quest 7th Quest Help Steve (Defeat hand demon)

The majority of questions are straightforward however, in the event that you require assistance with any ones, then we give you with this video tutorial on Xorify.