Roblox Doors Achievements – Badges Guide

A guide to help you to unlock all badges, along with directions, tips, and video tutorials

Roblox Doors Achievements – Badges – Full List

This is a complete list of currently available badges or achievements, as well as the method of unlocking them.

  • Welcome, Join us as a new member.
  • Buddy System – Run with a buddy.
  • Return from The Dead – Revive yourself.
  • Join the Group Sign up to the SPLASH group (and receive a free revive)!
  • In My Way – Easily survive Rush.
  • Look at Me – Survive the Eyes.
  • Two Steps Forward… – Survive Halt.
  • It’s possible to run. Can Run – Successfully run starting from Seek.
  • “Sshh! – Escape from the library inside the Hotel. (50)
  • Get to know Timothy Meet Timothy while you are looting.
  • Meet Jack – Encounter Jack.
  • Rebound – Survive Ambush.
  • Welcome, We’re Back Come back for another day.
  • Betrayal – Take the hiding place of someone just before they die.
  • One Of Many – Encounter your first death.
  • Ten Of Many – Encounter your tenth death.
  • Hundred Of Many – Encounter your hundredth death.
  • Eviction Notification You will be removed from a hideaway place by Hide.
  • Professional Technician Do your Circuit Breaker puzzle in under one minute with no errors.
  • Rock Bottom – Escape the Hotel.
  • “I See” You The attack of Dodge Screech.
  • Error – Encounter the Glitch.

This list will be up-to-date, adding new badges and accomplishments when they become made available.

If you require help in any of the badges or awards If you need help with any of the badge or achievements, then in the next section you can find the videos for guides

Achievements are achievements the player achieved in the game. There are 22 achievements that can be seen in the Lobby

Expert Technician Achievement – Badge guide

This Ry4nfr-related guide to help you gain access to this badge. Expert Technician Achievement badge.

Roblox Doors Achievements – Badges – Video Guide

If you are unsure about the other badges or achievements We suggest you go through the FlashKnight video, where the YouTuber demonstrates how to obtain every badge or achievement.

DOORS is a multi-player horror game that is influenced to a large extent by Spooky’s Jump Scare Mansion and nicorocks5555’s Rooms