SnowRunner Maps

Maps for SnowRunners. All current maps including Michigan (USA), Alaska (USA), Taymyr (Russia), Kola Peninsula DLC (Russia), Yukon DLC (USA)


SnowRunner Maps – Michigan Map

Michigan Maps: Black River, Smithville Dam, Island Lake & Drummond Island


Black River Map

Black River is the first map in the Michigan region to be included in SnowRunner. It is linked with Smithville Dam map

Smithville Dam Map

Smithville Dam Smithville Dam is one of the maps in the Michigan region, which is part of SnowRunner. It is the central hub for many of the contracts in the region as it is connected to other maps.

Island Lake Map

Island Lake is the third location of Michigan in the game, and also the fourth map of the overall game

Drummond Island Map

Drummond Island is one of the four maps in the Michigan region, which is part of SnowRunner. It is the fourth map of Michigan along with the 4th overall map.

SnowRunner Maps – Alaska Map

Alaska Maps: North Port, Mountain River, White Valley & Pedro Bay

North Port Map

North Port is an Alaska-based map that is located inside the Alaska region, which is part of SnowRunner. It is directly connected to both the White Valley and Mountain River maps.

Mountain River Map

Mountain River is an area map located within the Alaska region of SnowRunner.

White Valley Map

White Valley is a map located in the Alaska region of SnowRunner

Pedro Bay Map

Pedro Bay is one of the maps from the Alaska region of SnowRunner. It is the location of the last contracts for the Alaska region