Stacklands Recipes & Ideas

Stacklands Recipes & Inspirations – Basic, Building and Military, Cooking, Resources, and More – All the ingredients needed for each recipe


Stacklands Recipes & Ideas – Basic

These are the basic recipes & ideas:


  • Stick – 1x Wood, 1x Adult
  • Coin Pouch – 2x Wood and 1X Coin
  • Cooked meat: 1x Stove or Campfire and 1x Meat Raw
  • Growth: 1x Berry or other plant and 1x Soil (or farm, garden or garden).
  • House – 2x Wood, 1x stone and 1x Adult
  • Offspring – 1x House, 2x Adults
  • Dog – Combine a bone with a wolf (check out the Get A Dog guide).

Stacklands Recipes & Ideas – Building

These are the Building Recipes & Ideas.

  • Animal Pen – 2x Planks, 2x Wood, 1x Iron Bar and 1x Villager
  • House – 2x wood, 1x rock, and 1x adult
  • Brickyard – 1x Brick,1x Iron Bar,1x Wood, and 1x Adult
  • Farm: 1x soil, 2x brick, 2x plank, and 1x adult
  • Garden – 1x Soil, 2x Rock, 2x Stone, and 2x Wood, 1x Adult
  • Lumber Camp – 3x Wood, 1x stone and 1x Adult
  • Market: 1x Block, 1x Plank and 3x Coin.
  • Mine: 2x Fluor, 1x Wood and 1x Stone, and 1x Adult
  • Quarry Stack 3x Stones, 1x Wood, and 1x Adult
  • Sawmill – 1x Plank. 1x Wood. 1x Stone. 1x Iron Bar. 1x Adult
  • Shed: 1x wood, 1x stone, 1x stick and 1x adult
  • Smelter – 2x Flint, 2x Block, 1x Plank, and 1x Adult
  • Stove: 1x Block, 1x Iron Bar and 1x Flint.
  • Temple – 5x Plank and 5x Brick, 3x Iron Barr, 3x Adult, and 3x Child
  • Warehouse – 1x Stone, 1x Iron Bar, and 1x Adult

Stacklands Recipes & Inspirations – Cooking

These are all the Cooking Recipes & Ideas.

  • Campfire – 1x Stick and1x Flint
  • Frittata: 1x Stove or Campfire, 1x Egg, and 1x Potato
  • Fruit Salad – 1x Apple and 1x Berry
  • Milkshake: 1x milk and 1x fruit
  • Omelette: 1x Stove or Campfire and 2x Egg
  • Stew: 1x Stove or Campfire, 1x Potato, 1x Meat and 1x Onion.

Recipes for Military Use

These are all the Military Recipes & Ideas.

  • Spear 1x Wood, 2x Stick
  • Sword: 1x iron bar and 2x stick


These are all the Resources Recipes & Ideas.

  • Bricks – 3x Stone and1x Adult
  • Planks – 3x Wood, 1x Adult
  • Chicken – 1x Chicken and 1x egg
  • Iron Bar – Smelt iron ore using one wood

We would love to know about any other recipes or ideas you have and we will add them to the guide.