Street Fighter Duel Complete Guide – Tips Team Strategy Resources & more

Maximizing Damage and Synergies Basic Tips for Street Fighter Duel

Establish a team of four units that you will want to construct combos with to obliterate your adversary. The gameplay revolves around fusion, so if you spend enough time playing, you will be able to maximize your character’s abilities.

When creating your own team, you should utilize units that can perform at least two combos. This means that when they use their abilities, they can link two other abilities. Otherwise, you will lose out on damage or buffs/depuffs if you can only link one skill.

Street Fighter Duel Complete Guide – Equipment

It can be gained via idle farming or by passing through the story levels. Only blue and above gear can be upgraded.

Later on, around chapter 2/3, you will be able to farm for Fighting Souls, which are goods that boost your fighter’s stats and provide special effects. You can’t improve it right away because you need to get martial fragments from Challenge Divination.

All of your blue troops can be combined to become purple, then gold. So don’t throw them away. Green units, on the other hand, can be eliminated to make room for more breakpoints.

Building an Effective Team in Street Fighter Duel

To increase your chances of success in the game, it’s important to aim for team bonuses. One way to do this is by having at least two units from the same faction, which will give you a bonus. It’s ideal to have three units from the same faction to get the maximum bonus.

Keep in mind that acquiring Master and Infernal units will take time, so it may be a while before you can achieve the four-unit faction bonus. The bacha system can be a bit of a gamble, but with patience and persistence, you can build a strong team that can take on any challenge.

Street Fighter Duel Complete Guide – Re-rolling

You can progress without re-rolling, as the resources are ample. If you want to, start with the guest account and grind your way to chapter 3 for extra rolls. Keep in mind that the process can take up to four hours.

Get tons of Resources in Street Fighter Duel

There are several resources you will need regularly, including gems, cash, fighter XP, break stone, and arcade coin. You can earn gems by leveling up, getting a new character, playing Supreme Fist, participating in Global Operation, completing bounties, and daily PP rankings. Cash and fighter XP are the main currencies for character upgrades.

Breakstone is used to level up past breakpoints every 20 levels, and you can earn it from idle farming or in-game rewards. Finally, arcade coins are used for summoning in the gacha, and you can acquire them by completing chapter stages, super hero tasks, or recommending friends. Keep in mind that these resources are limited and gated by time.

Gems are the game’s money. You can receive them from a variety of sources. This includes the following:

  • Increased player level – 20 gems
  • First time getting a new character – 20 gems for B grade and 50 gems for A grade (I believe) =
  • Supreme Fist – 400 gems per 10 levels + blue and purple character shards
  • Global Operation – Provides some gems and allows you to obtain Fighting Souls.
  • Bounties – give you some extra gems.
  • Daily PVP awards gems based on your rating.
  • Currency and Fighter XP are the primary currencies for character advancement.
  • Breakstone – Every 20 levels, this purple ball is needed to level past break points. You can get cash and fighter XP by idle farming or game rewards.
  • Arcade Coin – Used to summon characters in the gauche. You can earn them through farming,

Completing each chapter stage, accomplishing super hero chores, or referring friends.

Street Fighter Duel Tier List A Guide to Early Game Progression

Are you a fan of Street Fighter games? Then you might be interested in trying out Street Fighter Duel.

Increasing Character Stats

The secret to creating godlike characters is to boost their stats with extra perks. To accomplish this, you must collect as many character shards as possible. Start climbing floors once you’ve achieved Supreme Fist to win extra gems and blue/purple character shards.

You may also farm fighter fragments in the shop in Shad aloo City, which resets every two days. The fighter fragments will rotate every 30 days, so buy them as soon as you see them. When battling in Shad aloo City

  • Choose options that deliver Life Leech or Stun for 5 seconds to the enemy. They will keep your units alive and allow them to deliver more damage.

Joining a Guild

As you reach Chapter 4-12, you can begin looking for a guild. You want to join one so that you can begin acquiring blue equipment to help your fighters. This is where you can obtain blue equipment, which you can then upgrade to increase your battle power.

Donate on a daily basis and join the Guild Shadowlands for more benefits.

Street Fighter Duel Complete Guide – More features

If you wish to give your main attacker more power, use assist fighters to give your best units a stat boost. Having the support unit at level 20 is an excellent place to start because the resources to upgrade to level 20 are quite inexpensive.

As you go through Chapter 4, you will receive your first EX-move (Chains of Guilt), which is an additional attack that occurs in battle after you perform your combo. It aids in dealing more damage.

Like other idle games, this also has a built-in Dojo where you can build up your own “town” that can deliver goodies. Visit it to earn additional incentives. You do occasionally obtain gems.

You can celebrate if you don’t like P2P. Every day, you get two free battles. Even if you are not a fan, it is worthwhile to participate because you will receive extra gems on a daily basis.