Final results and application of the Pokemon TCG Illustration Contest 2022 revealed a lot of details

Official announcements by Creatures Inc. and The Pokemon Company regarding the Pokemon TCG Illustration Contest 2022 were made. However, the results dropped slightly faster than expected.

The annual event hosted the first ever American artist competition in 2015.

The 2022 Illustration Contest received 10 830 entries from both directions. A panel of judges, including official Pokemon TCG illustrators Tomokazu Komiya (Kouki Saitou) and senior staff members from Creatures Inc. and TPC, narrowed down the competition over the past few months.

Each artist was asked to illustrate a specific species of Pokemon’s day. The artists were given the opportunity to choose from Bulbasaur and Charizard as well as Pikachu, Arcanine and Galarian Rapidash.


Grand Prize Winner: REND.

Image by REND via The Pokemon Company

Japan runner-up: Kasai Taiga.

She snapped a photo of Taiga Kasai via The Pokemon Company.

US runner-up: Julie Hang.

Julie Hang is a photo from the Pokemon Company

RossDraws, Mingo were second runner-up.

Image by RossDraws via The Pokemon Company. Image of Mingo is via Pokemon Company.

Judges award.

Shinnosuke Yajima image by The Pokemon Company Photo by Heeyun Chang, The Pokemon Company Uploaded by Lico via The Pokemon Company. Maeya Susumu shared an image with the Pokemon Company. Images by Xous54 via The Pokemon Company. Aldo Kcomt image by The Pokemon Company. Image. Photo by kobayato, The Pokemon Company. This image was uploaded by the Pokemon Company in Hyeyoek. Image by Katkichi via The Pokemon Company. Aziro Yuji takes a photo of the Pokemon Company. The photo of Pochinokuro was taken by The Pokemon Company. Image of Takashi Shirashi courtesy the Pokemon Company Image of Marina Chikazawa is from The Pokemon Company. Is that not a model? Photo by Rondo via The Pokemon Company.

  • Shinnosuke Yajima
  • Heeyun Chung
  • Lico
  • Maeya Susumu
  • Xous54
  • Aldo Kcomt
  • Kobayamato
  • hashi96
  • Katkichi
  • Aziro Yuji
  • Pochinokuro
  • Takashi Shiraishi
  • Marina Chikazaw
  • Miyanose Natsumi
  • Rondo

As I mentioned before, the grand prize winner receives his card as a promotional card with $5,000. The first-place runner up from Japan or the USA will also receive his illustration as a promotional card with 3000.

Two top-10 new candidates will be awarded $1,000. Each 15 Judges Award winner will also receive $500 in secondary categories that can be used to create promo cards.