The Mortuary Assistant Beginner’s Guide, Tips, and Endings

A guide for The Mortuary Assistant. This guide will include topics like Embalming and Demonic Mechanics as well as the Endings.



Before embalming the bodies, you will need to identify any distinctive marks. The head, arms and legs of the body can be examined.


Turning certain parts to get a better appearance.

Identifiable parts:

  • HEAD

Possible Markings:


  • RASH
  • MOLE

When Rebecca speaks a line, you will know that you are done in the main game. You can also see a counter at the top-right for how many marks you have.

(Marks you’ve discovered/Marks total). Once you are done with identifying marks, go to the computer next to the body and open it.

RECORD-SYSTEM. You’ll be able to match the


name and age. After you have completed entering them all, click on submit to print the record.


The tutorial in-game does a wonderful job explaining the mechanics clearly. This section will concentrate on any deviations from the process that you’ll encounter in the main section.


  • Retrieve body from cold storage
    Place one of the three bodies in cold stock. Note that the position may change from shift-to-shift.
  • Inspect Body to identify marks
    Similar process to the tutorial. Only difference is that you will need to change the entry at the top for each body you examine.
  • Wire jaw closed with [NEEDLE INSECTOR] and [SETTINGS NECESSARY]
    Instead of being placed on the floor, you can store your items in the cabinet near the desk.
  • Insert [EYE CAPIS] to keep your eyes closed
    Similar cabinet to the one used in the previous step.
  • Mix embalming fluid in pump (Glutaraldehyde, Methanol, Humectant, Formaldehyde, Reagent)
    They will be placed in the shelves and closets around the embalming area. Particularly, the Baleful Reagent will be found in the old cabinet which uses the old key for opening.
  • Incisions in the carotid and jugular arteries with [SCALPEL]
    The cabinet will contain the item you require, as well as the eyecaps.
  • Use [FORCEPS] for clamping [TUBING] in both veins, and connecting to an embalming pump
    The eye caps and forceps will be kept in the same cabinet. The tubing will be stored in the closet under the moisturizing wipes.
  • Let the body drain
    Similar to the tutorial.
  • Turn off the pump, take out the tubes and close the incision
    Similar to the tutorial.
  • Fill an HTML4 RESERVOIR BAGA with and [TROCAR] , then insert in the abdomen
    The empty IV reservoir bag and the glutaraldehyde will be kept in the same cabinet. The cavity fluid will also stay in the same location as the tutorial. The trocar is located in the same cabinet with the eye caps.
  • Use the bathroom cleaner to make [TANK CLEANER]. Then, pour it into the embalming tank
    Similar to the tutorial.
  • Use [MOISTURIZER] to enhance facial features
    They are on the same counter with the humectant.
  • Return body to cold stock
    Similar to the tutorial.



  • The Night Shift Database Your one stop shop for all things demonic-related. It is a wonderful source of information about demons, including the items mentioned here. I recommend that you take a look at the database if you haven’t already.
  • Useful for identifying sigils in the mortuary. You can take them out with your sub-menu, or their respective hotkeys, and then walk around the facility. If the parchment starts smoldering/burning you are getting near the sigil. The sigil will become fully burned and close where you are currently standing.
  • Signils: These are the symbols that you will use to identify which demon currently lives in one of your bodies. Each one will be revealed using a lettering strip.
  • Body Possession Tells: Your bodies may be doing certain things that will give you clues as to which demon they are currently possessing. This can be new marks on the body or subtle facial moves. These tells can be used by the demon to throw you off your correct body, but it is possible.
  • The Mark Once you have figured out all the sigils, and which demon, you will place the symbols on the mark. Finally, place the mark onto the body.
  • Baleful Agent: This is a special mixture that you will add to your pump mixture.
  • Possession If your tasks take too long or you burn a body prematurely without attaching a mark, you will be subject to demonic possession. This is basically a win-lose situation!
  • Notes and Paper: These can be collected at the front desk in the mortuary once you have been introduced to the main game. These will be added to your inventory menu to show your current possession level. As the counter increases, the markings become more irregular.
  • Match and Ashes: You may have seen a box with matches and bags to collect ashes in River Fields Mortuary. These objects can be used to help you determine which body is your .



  • CORRECT BODY EXTENDING:Burn correct body and use correct sigils.
  • WRONG BODY ENDING: After completing two bodies, don’t forget to add reagent or use the wrong sigils.
  • STANDARD EXTENSION:Complete the next shift correctly after you have completed the first.
  • BASEMENT EXIT:Return the key to the embalming chamber’s bottom drawer. Find the key to the basement during a scene. Close the basement door and complete your shift.
  • CLOSURE: Collect the sobriety tokens from Rebecca’s apartment and then put them in the cabinets with the ID cards. Place the coins on Rebecca’s open palms when she is presented with the noose. Then, follow the instructions and burn the body using the correct sigils.
  • GAME OVER “ENDING”“. Allow your possession to completely fill or prematurely fire a body. This is a ‘Game Over’ that allows you to continue the shift after being brought to the main-menu.
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