Toilet Chronicles Secret Code

Toilet Chronicles Secret Code: The numbers that correspond with each color are needed to get one of the endings to the game


While the numbers that correspond with each color may change depending on which game you play, what doesn’t change is how to find them. We will show you how to find the number that corresponds with each color. The most popular solution is Blue 2, Orange 6, Yellow 5, Green 9, Yellow 1, & Red 8, but this is not the case. So the most frequent code is 265918.

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Toilet Chronicles Secret Code: Solution

These are the places where you will find the number that corresponds with each color.

  • Blue number: On a Polaroid card > 2
  • Orange #: You will see this on your loading screen every time you start the level > 6.
  • Pink #: Behind the “War criminals” poster, > 5
  • Green Number – On the skull of his skeleton and the picture he holds >9
  • Yellow #: In the ladies’ bathroom > 1
  • Red No: A wall with lots of red graffiti numbers for the ladies’ bathroom > 8

Video Guide

If you are unable to locate any of these locations, you can view this FoxPlay video that shows you how to find them.