Shovel Knight Dig and Horizon Chase 2 are coming to Apple Arcade next month

September’s lineup of brand-new Apple Arcade games has been revealed.

The next month’s add-ons of the monthly subscription will include Shovel Knight Dig Horizon Chase 2, GRIS+, Garden Tails: Match and Grow Farmside, and a quiz game from Tom Hanks, the actor, known as Hanx 101 Trivia.

The game will be released on September 23rd, to Apple Arcade, Switch, and Steam (with the console as well as PC versions priced at $24.99), Shovel Knight Dig was co-developed by Yacht Club Games and Nitrome.

It depicts Shovel Knight descending down to pursue Drill Knight who is stealing the loot of the hero.

In the words of Yacht Club Games, its “levels have been meticulously crafted, then stitched together using proprietary generation techniques for infinite replayability”.

Horizon Chase 2 is the latest installment in the well-loved arcade racing game series by Brazilian Aquiris. Aquiris.

It’s advertised by the company as “a classic fast-paced and accessible arcade racing game with a unique art style, thrilling soundtrack, and online multiplayer for all game modes”.

As per Apple, Hanx 101 Trivia was “created by the award-winning actor, producer, and director Tom Hunks… to serve as an opportunity for him to share his passion and enthusiasm for trivia”.

Created through BlueLine Studios and released on September 2, the game will challenge gamers to surpass their record or beat other players across a variety of game modes and quiz categories.

The latest additions in Apple Arcade include Amazing Bomberman and Air Twister, which is the most recent game of Shenmue creator Yu Suzuki.


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