War Thunder Best Mods (2022)

War Thunder Best MODs – Historically Correct Luftwaffe Swastikas. GF Skin Installer. 12 Tank Skins. Spitfire Pack. P-38G Lightning. Invasion Stripes. And more


Modified Luftwaffe Swastikas Historically Correct

Luftwaffe Swastikas, for the German tech tree. I plan on putting Swastikas onto the rest of Germany’s planes very soon. This is historical accuracy. I do not support Nazism nor the actions they have taken.


Download Historical Correct Luftwaffe Swastikas Mod

War Thunder Best Mods – GF Skin Installer Mod

Select the vehicle and camo that you like and then apply them quickly.

Download GF Skin Installer Mod > Here

War Thunder Best Mods 12 Tank Skins For All Tanks Mod

12 Tank skins to War Thunder

Get 12 tank skins for all mods > here


War Thunder Best Mods Spitfire Pack Mod

Six camos in a pack: night, desert, snow, green, black&red, and green for “MKIIa” and “MKIIa”. Night for “MKIIb”.

Spitfire Pack Mod >

XP-38G Lightning or P-38G Lightning Mod with Invasion Stripes

This skin is for the XP-38G Lightning. It gives it invasion stripes and tail identifiers. It is easy to apply it to your P-38G. Simply replace the UserSkins TGA files from the P-38G and rename them.

Download XP38G or P38G Lightning With Invasion Stripes Mod

War Thunder Best Mods – P-40E Checker-tail Tigershark Mod

This is a personal skin inspried in the “Checker-tail Shark” camo in WT. This one was made with a lot of joy, frustration, stress, and sadness. Everything on the plane was hand-built to match the base template generated from the game. Camo custom generated, hand painted mouth and eyes. There were many tweaks and editing that took place to get rid of most of the seam lines. There are some minor issues with the checker pattern at the tail, but I find it satisfactory. Star emblem and logo on Prop blades were created by hand using basic shapes. The only exceptions to this are carefully chosen text choices, and the USA flag at the bottom which is a free found image.


Download P-40E Checker-tail Tigershark Mod > Here

War Thunder Best Mods – Tiger H1 SS Camo Mod

Night Bomber version for War Thunder: The B-25J-20 is available in Night Bomber Version

Download Tiger H1 SS Camo Mod > Here

P-40E-1 Kittyhawk Navy & USAF combination Mod

A P-40E-1 Kittyhawk american P-40E-1 coloured in navy Blue and featuring more recent USAF markings


Download P-40E-1 Kittyhawk Navy/USAF combination Mod >

All tanks can be used with Chrome or Raw Steel Tanks

Copy the file to the correct directory. with video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y0fjfDNa36Y&list=UUws586QvJNRgKH9wLF5KL5A

Get Chrome Tanks or Raw Steel for all tanks Mod >

A-20G Modified with Normandy Invasion Stripes

Simple skin, with invading stripes on the tail and wings. It is made from a slightly darker version of the A-20’s green skin. To improve the skin, any criticism is welcomed.


Just drop the ‘template_a-20g_Invasion stripes’ folder in the ‘UserSkins’ folder in your War Thunder install

Download A-20G with Normandy Invasion Stripes Mod >

War Thunder Best Mods – P-38 Reconnaissance Mod

P-38 Recon Planes of WW2 – UPDATED COCKPIT & ENGINE

Download P-38 Reconnaissance Mod > Here


War Thunder Best Mods-he51c1 Red Baron MOD

This mod is not an exact replica of the original. Because the original, “Albatross”, was not on the list for any army biplanes in this game, I used the “he51c1” base. I hope you enjoy

Download he51c1 Red Baron Mod > Here


All my skins/mods now hosted at live.War Thunder.com/user/Spogooter/, The shiny new version



War Thunder Best Mods – P-51 Miss America Mod

All my skins/mods now hosted at live.War Thunder.com/user/Spogooter/ Includes two skins. One for each Mustang.

Download P-51 Miss America Mod > Here

War Thunder Best Mods – Stug III Ausf A – Dot Camo Pack Mod

This skin is only for the Stug III A. I will release skins for other models as soon as I unlock them. Patience my young Padawan. It contains both 44 dot as well as Fall Oak Leaf. 6 October 2015: Now includes winter camo

Download Stug III Ausf A – Dot Camo Pack Mod > Here


War Thunder Best Mods – Typhoon Mk 1b Late – Desert Tiger Mod

This camo is for people who like the Mk 1b camo but don’t have the premium plane. They can now have it on the Typhoon Mk 1b late. Subscribe to my YouTube channel Angry_Nerd Gaming (https://www.youtube.com/user/TurnKey66) for lots of War Thunder content.

Download Typhoon Mk 1b Late – Desert Tiger Mod > Here