We Happy Few – How to Get Well-Read Achievement

The Caves of Steel

  1. UnvisitedAfter making it back to your home then turn left and continue around the home. You’ll find the wood pile. One note has been attached to the wall.


2. Bee Cannon? The wood pile is the first to be found. continue to the rear to the home until you arrive to the greenhouse. The roof is the first note. inside the bathtub is the next note.



3. Greenhouse Get off the greenhouse top and walk through the half-door. Inside is an unmarked pipe at the bottom.



4. Apples– Walk into the home and sit by the fireplace.


5. MoleculesTake a stroll through the hallways until you find the kitchen. Then turn left and enter the bedroom to take five notes.



6. Flour? You can go through the closed door to the kitchen, and make a left turn until you can see an chalkboard.



7. Slide RuleStep up the steps and then turn around. You’ll find the note next to some candles.


8. “Numpty the Chief” Walk around and pass the doorway to ignore the scene cut (if you’ve triggered it, just keep it in the background) and then walk towards the corner. You’ll find a notebook over the”Keep hands clear” sign.



9. Basement– Enter the laboratory in the lab where James is, and wait for the cut-scene (if you didn’t trigger the cut scene) and then walk around towards the desk on the opposite side and you’ll are able to see Faraday disappear.



Stranger in a Strange Land

10. Melting StarMelting Star HTML0 The note is located on an item in the central room.


11. Ray Gun– The main room is exited via the left-hand staircase until you get to the lower level. Go to the right side of one of the structures. There’s an item near the bin that has an orange light. (This is where most likely everybody misses out on the accomplishment. I was initially thinking “ray gun” meant picking up the actual ray guns. There’s actually an additional note on it.



12. World X– After you’ve walked through the doors that you first enter, you’ll be able to ride the elevator, and then trigger the alarm system. There’s two laser beams. You can turn left and the box will be in the top of the metal box.




13. Thiomotilenefound on the desk of the office.



14. StimulusWhen you’ve passed all four beams of laser light, when you turn around and you’ll find a note written in a metal box.


15. “Look Who’s Talking”After leaving the room that is round with lasers, you’ll take an elevator, and you’ll see an inscription on the cart that is in front of you.



16. Bootup When you have ridden the elevator, take a turn to your left to the panel for control.



17. Proud ProgressionAfter walking through the pipes, you’ll find two panels for control. The information is at the top of the table.


18. Moving– Once you’ve walked through the robots, make a right turn and walk down into a dark corridor. There you’ll discover the final note in this area.



Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?

19. Alien Glossary – After you have entered the research room You come across an unidentified robot in the middle of the Gondola. The note is on the side of the robot.




20. ProgressThen walk down the steps and in the middle of that structure, you will find a steel box that has a note written on it.



21. Curiouson the other edge of the table is the device that is curious.


22. FacilitiesOn the rightside, blow up the barrels that are exploding, then utilize the device with the mysterious look and then head towards the controls.



23. Vigilance– Follow the dirt road when you leave the Gondola.


24. Motilene! – On the floor of the security round room.


25. Concernedin the outside of a metal box, there is an opening after having completed all laser security challenges.


26. Room– Following an edited scene, make a left and walk through the front door. There’s dirt with a note.


27. InspiringTurn back to the cut-scene area, then go to the left side of the door and you’ll see the note on the ground.

28. ConfusionAfter obtaining two rights, you’ll find another note on top of a box made of metal.


29. InquiryFollowing the cut scene featuring Dr. Faraday; enter the doors, then proceed to the fan. The note is just in the front of it.


Childhood’s End

30. FriendshipAfter a short ride, you’ll be able to jump onto an elevated platform. There’s a note in the metal box next to the door.


31. Executive Committee– After passing through the corridor using lasers (be sure to turn them off) you’ll walk through a hall and find yourself at an endpoint. There’s a note on the white barrel near an air vent.


32. Conditioning After a few minutes of crawling through the vent, you’ll find another white barrel that has an inscription on it.


33. AbashedAfter another trip in the elevator, hop onto the platform and locate the note in a metal box on the right.


34. RegretWhen you have disabled the three mechanisms that torture the robots, you’ll be able to enter an entrance that is located beneath Dr. Faraday. There’s an upright robot bowing and the note that is on top of it.