What was the Color of Lost Envy in Nier Replicant?

What was the Color for Lost Envy in Nier Repplicant? – The correct answer to the first Divine Tree Riddle Puzzle and the two next answers.


You will be locked in a Deathdream in Nier Replicant’s Forest of Myth region. Choosing correct riddle answers may be what saves your life.


What was the Color Of Lost Envy in Nier Repplicant?

The second half of the game will see you return to Forest of Myth in order to find the Lost Fragment. You’ll need to be attentive from the beginning as the answers to questions can differ between playthroughs.

You must pay close attention to the first story of the sequence if you are going to answer the first question, The Color of Lost Envy. It is about a boy who becomes sick and a girl who visits him. The color of the girl’s eyes is the answer to this question.

It is recommended that you revisit the story if you missed it. You must get the right answer. Even though you may fail, the answer in most cases is green most of the times.

If you’re curious, the eyes of Kaine, the girl in this guide’s photo, aren’t the answer you were searching for. This is the girl in the first story of the sequence. He almost always has green eyes but sometimes his color changes.

Rest of Riddle Puzzle Solutions

The first question was: What was the color lost envy? The second question is likely to be answered correctly. There are two more. Here are the answers.


  • How many were lost in the battle against the red-eyed beasts by the warrior? Answer: Her Daughter and The number of companions that you remember from your version
  • The most important thing in the universe? – Select the last option.