Apple contractors began to compete for personal services in Vietnam

The company’s electronics business began before Donald Trump’s trade war against China. However, it was not known until now. Production is more feasible due to the second, although not yet, factor. Foxconn employs approximately 60,000 Vietnamese workers. The company will be focusing its efforts on Vietnam over the next few years and will compete with other companies for local talent.

– Image Source: Getty Images Sam Yeh/AFP

Bloomberg reports that Chinese competitors have built factories in Vietnam, while the Foxconn chairman is nearby. They now have the skills to participate. This is the biggest problem for the company and it is impossible to stop us. Foxconn’s head says that this is not true for those who were punished by such behaviour. There are three basic businesses in Vietnam that the company operates from: Luxshare Precision Industry (GoerTek), BYD and Luxshare Precision Industry. This latter company will begin production of iPad tablets in Vietnam and be the first to make AirPods wireless headphones.

Foxconn employs more than 60,000 people in nasra. This is the largest outside of China. The company plans to increase the number of Vietnamese employees over the next few years, even though it does not specify how much. Foxconn had planned to start manufacturing iPads and MacBook laptops in a new plant in northern Vietnam in 2020. However, it was expecting to spend 700 million dollars on the site’s development until 2021. Bloomberg did not know if the Vietnam plant had opened last year. Yang Liu didn’t make any comments yesterday.