DisguisedToast recounts his biggest career regrets, and discusses how Facebook severely hampered his potential growth

DisguisedToast was one of the most prolific content creators in the streaming world long ago. He regrets not worrying about the fact that he was worried that he would be unable to grow by streaming.

Toast answered questions in a live stream on Thursday June 2 and was asked how he regrets not starting his streaming career. Toast, 30, said that he regrets signing with Facebook Gaming at end of 2019. However, he feels he could have reached great career heights with Twitch during the peak year of Among Us.


He stated that signing with Facebook was the right decision at the time. However, I wish I had been on Twitch. It wasn’t that big in the world. I was the largest content creator on it streaming, but it was insecure for me because it was a platform that few people use.

Toast believes that he could reach as many as 50,000 to 60,000 viewers per stream if he was still on Twitch during “Among Us” during peak times. This figure is possible to increase to around 100,000 viewers when huge content creator lobbies were launched across multiple platforms.

These lobbies included many names such as Valkyrae and Valkyrae and JackSepticEye. They also featured James Charles and Pokimane. This allowed people to con a variety of fan bases and perceptions from very different demographics. Ilhan Omar and Alexandria Ocasio Cortez were among the politicians who hosted their own lobbies in support of the U.S. statewide presidential elections.

Toast saw an exponential increase in his YouTube channel’s popularity, even though Among Us was becoming more popular. He still makes YouTube videos today. The video continues to receive six-figure views.