Farming Simulator 19 Icons descriptions

Farming Simulator 19 icons descriptions – Descriptions of all valid icons of fruits, crops, miscellaneous materials, animals, and other miscellaneous



The following is the full icon list in the video game Farming Simulator 19, with the descriptions of each icon. You can find out the meaning behind each icon and, based on that learn what you will need to gather or make.

What’s the most important purpose of Farming Simulator 19?

Within the Game Farming Simulator 19, the game lets players do many of the same tasks as real farmers do. For instance, you can plant seeds and harvesting crop, fertilize fields and even raise animals.

Farming Simulator 19 Icons descriptions

What’s the purpose in Farming Simulator?


The Farming Simulator saga is a collection of video games in which you are required to gather the basic necessities for subsistence It is based on the simulation of farming The saga was developed in collaboration with Giants Software and they have a number of games because they are in the process of making the game available and are release new updates.

The majority of places in the games are within regions like the United States and Europe which means that you will be able to learn about other culture or other areas.

The principal goal in Farming Simulator 19 is to cultivate and gather every kind of raw material including:

  • raise livestock
  • cultivate crops
  • fruit products
  • diverse materials that are related to the farming industry.
  • sell the farm-related assets

Tutorials & Money

Go through this video tutorial. Some tips for players who are beginners and not just for beginners… might be helpful to your (thanks to Youtuber Guides Gamepressure)

As of the latest update on xbox at least it appears that when you first start your career after saving , you will receive an error message that states that all your farms (and the money) were merged. after saving it becomes an exclusive map for single players. In addition, if you have at least one other person to join your multiplayer game, you can start new farms and transfer money over and over again for unlimited money. up to 6 players can create your own farms and then share the funds to use however you want.