Fitchin has announced an online platform called Web3 which is packed with blockchain, cryptocurrency, and sports-related activities.

Fitchin believes that by using blockchain technology, it will allow his players to participate in events, gain members-only access to community hubs of the top teams in esports, purchase limited-edition multiplugible tokens , and take part on exclusive competitions.

Players can be awarded for milestones and achievements. The gambling economy that earns money through platforms is one-stop shop to serve and connect the world’s esports community.

In addition to the CEO and manager of Fitchins and the Fitchins’ management team, many are acquainted with entertainment, sports cryptocurrency, finance, and media.

Fitchin is an ideal partner for teams of professional esports and content creators who want to grow their fan base and provide value-added experiences that generate revenue, too as new revenue streams, according to Portela.

Sergio Kun Aguero, a video player and professional soccer player is a key brand ambassador and a senior advisor. He is the CEO of KRU Esports. There are a variety of new partnerships as well as strategic advisory roles to be announced later in the year.

Fitchin is opening the doors to millions of gamers in the world of crypto and will define how the future will unfold for the Esports team’s interaction with their fans on Web3 according to Aguero in an email. Since its launch, it has begun to attract an avid fan base Fitchin provides an opportunity to gamers everything they require – thrilling events, social interactions with other players, NFT collectibles and many other.

It is expected that the Fitchin ecosystem will provide four different ways for users to experience the Fitchin ecosystem:

  • Poker is a platform that allows for gamification which allows players to participate in leagues around the world play in tournaments, represent their communities of esports, and earn badges, points for XP and P2E rewards.
  • Communities in which gamers can interact with their teams of choice and streamers , and enjoy exclusive member-only features. These benefits include voting rights and private chats, access to exclusive events and competitions, exclusive collections, and much more.
  • The marketplace online, which allows gamers to purchase membership passes and NFT collections, purchase tickets to events, as well as purchase merchandise from teams and creators of content.
  • Fitchin Metaworld serves as a virtual place for communities to build its own clubhouse. It will showcase its accomplishments, compete and take part in the new digital frontier.

Established in 2013, Fitchin is hosting a number of events. The company employs about 30 employees and will release its budget details in the near future. The company was established in January following a meeting with Aguero Portela and Aguero Portela. In the course of their meeting, the founders realized the urgent demand for a system that could allow groups and creators of content to communicate more closely with their communities. It also provides new revenue streams, leveraging the potential of Web3.