The Star Wars KOTOR: The Switch Bundle blocks the first game until the second is released

Star Wars KOTOR II is expected to be released in the Nintendo Switch on June 8 2022. First chapter will be currently available from November 11 to 2021. If you purchase either of these games available on the Switch it’s your choice if you want the other one to go.

This is bizarre, perhaps due to its technical shortcomings on theeShop and the fact that it considers the first game to be a part of the second KOTOR which is why it believes its release dates were identical to for the other game. Also, this Star Wars KOTOR bundle has no benefits: the cost is exactly the same that you pay for the two games on their own.

Star Wars KOTOR was launched.

If you are planning to purchase the bundle on this weekend to play, we suggest that you do not purchase the bundle and purchase the games separately to ensure that you don’t get blocked. It shouldn’t be a long wait, however we’ve heard that some players prefer to take the time to unwind before they start their most loved games. Star Wars KOTOR is an older classic, but it is true that there are lots of gamers who are interested in re-discovering the games.

The issue that was discovered with this Star Wars KOTOR bundle is not a new thing: all bundles have experienced similar fates over the years. In any event, it’s probable to see Nintendo or its developers will do something to correct the problem before June 8th 2022. It’s as unlikely that the time limit will allow us to fix the issue in just a few days.

If you transform this game to “Death of War,” the sequel will be similar to “The Knights of the Old Republic.”