Mia and New Demon coming to Evil Dead: The Game in September

Two new characters will be introduced to The Survivor as well as Demon classes of Evil Dead: The Game in September.

Evil Dead: The Game is among the most well-known Asymmetrical horror games available that is available, blowing several of its rivals out of the park and boasting a thriving players’ base in the very first week following its launch. Players who worry that it’s beginning to become boring and repetitive will be able to rest easy since an all-new survivor and demon is coming to the game in September.

Both were revealed via the official Twitter account of the game which has been incredibly generous with updates on upcoming features for the game. The new character, Mia, comes from the Evil Dead remakes and is a sought-after added feature to the game ever since its launch.

A college student whose vacation to a rural cabin was ruined by the titular Evil Dead themselves, Mia is a true survivor who rivals Ash himself for the title of demon-slaying-extraordinaire. Mia is a specialist in the fight against demons who transforms fears into possession or damage resistance to keep the monster in check during the course of a game.

As Mia will be added to the game through an update to the DLC, a free-to-play demon will be added to the game for all players to enjoy. The demon, Plaguebringer is the well-known witch that is possessed in the Army of Darkness and will bring some characters from the film together.

Both characters are set to appear in Evil Dead: The Game on the 8th of September So be prepared for more demon-killing when the patch goes live.