How to Create the Secret Final in Cyberpunk 2077?

The Cyberpunk film 2077 came out in all its entirety and is based off multiple characters. There’s also a hidden conclusion, where you’ll have to fulfill a number of requirements. The guide will discuss these. Naturally, there are spoilers to be aware of, so beware!


In Cyberpunk 2077 there are three major choices for endings that are able to gain more extension of the story. All three of these endings will be revealed in one of the final conversations in the final meeting with Johnny Silverhand, in the pursuit of that point at which there is no turning back within the top of the Victors workshop. Certain of them, however, will be only available after you’ve accomplished the quests of Johnny or Panam.

However, no one of these endings are hidden. All of them will lead to very clear decisions, in relation to the time at which the game has ended. There are three steps that resulted in any of three primary Cyberpunk 2077 endings: make an agreement in conjunction with Arasaka Corporation, impose control of Johnny’s body, or contact Panam.

Game streamers have claimed there’s another option to unlock an undiscovered ending in which everyone survives. To get this ending you must first raise the ratio between Johnny’s Johnny’s knowledge to 70 70%. This should be done prior to the dialogue appearing is over the top, but it’s not as simple as it seems. The majority of players is 60 percent after the first game when you’re a loyal player. Silverhand all the way through and are kind to him.

How do you earn an additional 10 points? To bring the synchronization of Johnny at 70% at the conclusion in the course of play, players must select several options to discuss the quest with Johnny during the game of Chippin In.

This is the conversation that takes place in the junkyard, where Silverhands is hidden. Also, you must complete Johnny’s side quests , including Blistering Love and Holding On as well as A Like Supreme. The process of making decisions during these missions isn’t that vital.

When you’ve achieved the target of 70 percent synchronization to Johnny’s consciousness You must make any decisions. Tell Silverhand you’re prepared to be a trusted partner with him and Bestia and then sit for a couple of moments (about about five to six minutes). One day, Johnny is going to claim that he is V and asks V to join of an investigation into the Arasaki building. This is a task that leads to the mystery end.


Cyberpunk 2077 is a fantastic game and is one of the top titles of the CD Project portfolio. It’s red. If you’ve only just started playing this game, make sure to revisit this article in the future. If you’ve already completed the game and would like to try the alternate option, you can follow the previously mentioned guidelines and have fun!