How to watch Ms. Marvel online – stream two episodes of the new Marvel show for less

Marvel Cinematic Universe’s new hero is back with a second installment. Because spoilers will soon start appearing online, it’s probably a smart idea to quickly watch Ms. Marvel. It’s easy to find. You only need your Disney Plus membership to stream Ms. Marvel. Although there are many other ways to access the show, this is the best.


How much will that cost? Below is a breakdown of how much it will cost to stream Ms. Marvel in your area. However, in general, this will not exceed the price of a few cups of coffee. There is no way to stream Ms. Marvel if you don’t have a subscription via contract (as Verizon in USA(opens new tab)) or O2 UK(opens new tab)).

You can find higher-value options. We’ve collected the best Disney Plus sign up deals down the page to give you the most bang for your buck. To jump to your region, simply click here.

Remember that this series releases new episodes every Wednesday, and there are six total. This is the same as with all Marvel TV shows. To watch Ms. Marvel, you will need at least one month of Disney Plus. The finale will air July 13.