If the PS5 break the 20 million sales mark, it would have been sooner or not

The PS5 must be slow, but steady for this piece (pic: Sony).

Sony announced a new sales milestone for the PS5 and pledged to ramp up console production for the rest of the year.

Even the Xbox 5 is in a situation that has been unable to sell very well. Although it was difficult to sell the Nintendo Switch and Xbox series X/S, it got better last month.

After its recent state of play, with many big names revealing, like the Resident Evil 4 remake and Final Fantasy 16s release window, Sony has revealed that the PlayStation 5 has reached a significant milestone.

If this happened weren’t revealed, the PlayStation 5 has now sold more than 20 million units worldwide, something it would’ve reached earlier would not have been for the lack of components to make the console.

This is the reason many games still watch PlayStation 4, although Sony intends to start taking out new PlayStation 4 games in the coming years.

Sony will also start for the rest of the year, no doubt so it can take advantage of Christmas.

To those fans who haven’t yet realized what they want, please know that we’re planning a large expansion in PS5 production this year and working endlessly to make sure that PlayStation 5 is available to everybody who wants it, said Veronica Rogers, head of global sales and business at GamesIndustry.biz.

The analyst Daniel Ahmad shared a few more statistics on Twitter. As a starter, while the PlayStation 5 took just under 19 months to sell 20 million units, the PlayStation 4 managed that much quicker in just 15 months.

Again, that can be chalked up to the PlayStation 5, with the console shortage, and the coronavirus pandemic. Although Sony broke the 10 million mark faster than the PlayStation 4, making it the fastest console for Sony.

Sonys own predictions suggest the PlayStation 5 won’t likely surpass PlayStation 4 sales until around April 2023.

There are reports that PS5 Pro will be released by 2024, though it seems unlikely to be due to the aforementioned chip shortages.

Sony said in its statement today that it is planning to build a significant scale in PS5 production this year but it will continue to stay behind PS4 on the way back through March 2023. According to Sonys projections, it’s not until after April 2023 that it surpasses PS4 pic.twitter.com/N42K0sGDBj.

Daniel Ahmad (@ZhugeEX) Jud. 3 a.m. 2022

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