Rocket League finally adds Ferrari with 296 GTB announcement

Rocket League has announced that Ferrari fans will get to put their preferred brand of the soccer ball, beginning on the 14th of April.

Rocket League has revealed they will launch it will be introducing the Ferrari 296 GTB will enter the game tomorrow, August 31st. This is the very first Ferrari model to be available in the game that will be joining the famous Lamborghini. The complete Ferrari bundle costs 2000 credits.

Here’s the news via the Rocket League’sTwitter feed, which contains a short teaser trailer for the forthcoming vehicle:

The Rocket League’splayful gameplay has prompted many interesting crossovers. IP that ranges between this month’s James Bond tie-in to recent leaks concerning Fortnite. Fortnitepartnership.

Sometimes, it’s easy to forget that exclusive models such as McLaren receive a lot of attention in the game as well. The brand new Ferrari 296 GTB is a refreshing breath of fresh air in the sea of popular culture that is Rocket League. Ferrari is stunning and well-known in the beginning.

While the price of 2000 credits is not unusual for Rocket League, it’s likely to be a bit too high for the quality of the game’s content. Customers who buy this Ferrari bundle will receive a Ferrari Antenna, Ferrari 296 GTB Dominus Hitbox, Engine Audio, and Wheels.

Additionally, there will be one Assetto Fiorano Decal, but it’s all normal stuff. The official blog article clarifies this: it is a Ferrari 296 GTB that “cannot be customized with other branded content”. It’s typically a little more palatable to convince players to shell out for well-known IP, and it’s more likely to attract fervent fans rather than Ferrari and would attract people who love cars.

However, it’s evident the fact that Rocket League wants to honor the brand by introducing the free banners of Ferrari players to all customers on the Item Shop even customers who don’t buy the Ferrari Bundle. Customers are given until September 6th to decide whether they would like this Ferrari Bundle before it is taken away from the store.