Apross Nearly 87000 studies conducted during the Women’s Health Campaign

    • The program was ended today, in the frame of International Day of Action for Women’s Health.
    • As of March 8, members of the community is now able to get gynecological exams without coinsurance or medical orders.
    • In just three months 42,600 Cordovan women received benefits by the program, allowing them to finish their ultrasounds, mammograms and Gynecological consultations, along with PAP testing.

    The International Day of Action for Women’s Health , Apross has completed its second campaign for women’s health that saw 43,600 females from Cordoba were involved and where nearly 87,000 benefits were given.

    The campaign was launched with march 8 on which is the International Day of Working Women and ran for nearly three months during which members could access PAP and gynecological consultations as well as ultrasounds (gynecological and breast as well as transvaginal) and mammograms without having to submit a doctor’s prescription and without coinsurance.

    In this manner the goal was to ensure sufficient time and facilitate for the largest amount of affiliates to have access to the health checks . In any event it is essential to make clear that the studies can be used at any time of the year by presenting a medical certificate and the coinsurance- through the network of providers who offer Gynecology and Imaging services.

    Through the entire course of the campaign 4,502 ultrasounds were conducted (5,383 female gynecological ultrasounds 19311 breast, 19,808 using the endovaginal transducer), 3,939 mammograms and 38,523 gynecological consults and PAP.

    It is this is the 2nd health promotion with these characteristics to be being carried out according to March 8and is in addition to the traditional health campaigns scheduled for October, within the context of the Cordoba Rosa .

    The female and girl’s health is among the primary treatment lines within the Apross management within the framework of a general axis for work, to enhance health promotion and prevention strategies for the communities it serves.