Shield Hero RISE Reroll Guide & Tier List

Embark on your journey in Shield Hero RISE with a strategic advantage by following this comprehensive Reroll Guide and Tier List. Learn the art of rerolling, discover the characters worth aiming for, and explore the Tier List ranking from S to D.

Rerolling Process:

  1. Launch the Game:
    • Open Shield Hero RISE on your mobile device, available for both Android and iOS.
  2. Avoid Account Linking:
    • Refrain from linking your account with Facebook, Google, or any other platform.
  3. Complete Tutorial and Progress:
    • Progress through the tutorial until you unlock the game’s gacha system, typically after clearing stage 2-4.
  4. Claim All Summons:
    • Collect all available summons, including in-game mail and Redeem Codes.
  5. Spend All Resources:
    • Utilize all acquired resources on summons to obtain characters.
  6. Evaluate Summons:
    • If unsatisfied with the results, delete the game.
  7. Repeat the Process:
    • Register again using a different email and repeat the steps until you obtain desired characters.

FAQ – What to Aim For:

  • Aim for Tier S characters, as they significantly impact gameplay. Do not settle for less than Tier A characters.

Tier List: Characters are ranked from Tier S (Best) to Tier D (Least Preferred).

Tier S:

  1. Raphtalia
  2. Melty

Tier A:

  • Filo
  • Iwatani Naofumi

Tier B:

  • Motoyusa Kitamura
  • Itsuki Kawasumi

Tier C:

  • Glass
  • Ren Amaki

Additional Tips:

  • Tier S characters, Raphtalia and Melty, are highly recommended due to their exceptional strength.
  • Tier A characters are solid choices and contribute significantly to your party’s effectiveness.

Embark on your Shield Hero RISE adventure with the knowledge to secure powerful characters through rerolling. May your journey be filled with formidable allies and exciting challenges!