Sony acquires a mobile studio while promising it won’t ‘diminish its commitment’ to players

Sony has announced the acquisition of a mobile game developer, marking the official start of its PlayStation Studios Mobile division.

In a blog post posted on the official PlayStation Blog, PlayStation Studios director Hermen Hulst welcomed German creator Savage Game Studios to the “PlayStation Studios family,” and also explained mobile’s new role in “expanding the community”.

Although Savage is a relatively new studio established in 2020, it was co-founded by veteran mobile developers Michail Katkoff (Rovio, Zynga), Nadjim Adjir (Wargaming, Rovio), and Michael McManus (Wargaming, Insomniac).

Hulst was also reported to have tried to avoid any criticism from gamers that could lead to a mobile app game developer joining PlayStation Studios. PlayStation Studio’s portfolio.

“As we promised you prior to when we announced our plans to bring selected games for PC, our efforts beyond console will not reduce our dedication towards the PlayStation community or our determination to create incredible single-player experiences that are narrative-driven and story-driven,” Hulst reassured players.

“Our mobile gaming initiatives will also be a lot more energizing by allowing players to interact with our content and trying to reach out to new audiences who aren’t familiar with playing PlayStation and our games.

“Savage Game Studios is joining a newly created PlayStation Studios Mobile Division, which will operate independently from our console development and focus on innovative, on-the-go experiences based on new and existing PlayStation IP.”

Hulst has also stated she believes Savage was “already working on a new unannounced AAA mobile live service action game” and added: “It’s too early to reveal more, but I’m so excited for when they’ll be able to.”