Sony Takes Two a milliard units to sell, as PS5 sells 20 million units

Sony announced that its latest PlayStation console has reached a significant milestone. Sony stated that the PlayStation 5 sold 20,000,000 units worldwide and it would take some time to give this highly-coveted console a boost.

The PS5 was launched in November 2020. It has seen a steady rise since then, especially when people entered pandemic-related lockdowns to search for new entertainment options. Although the PS5 may have reached this milestone earlier than expected, it was not affected by a pandemic-related shortage of components and computer chips.


The PS5 will be the first to cease being hype-like at its most powerful moment.

“To say that I adore Sony Interactive Entertainment,” said Veronica Rogers (SVP Global Sales and Business Operations, SIE).

“Our teams have worked hard to bring the SPC 5 to life. We want to thank our fans for their support. We are driven by your passion for the PlayStation brand and must change our technology to ensure our future.

“To all those who haven’t been able get their hands on a PlayStation 5, please know that we plan a huge ramp up in PS5 and work hard so that the PlayStation 5 is available to everyone who wants it.”

Although the PS5 sold very well at first, it lost sales speed to its predecessor, and thereby gained a third position in sales over its predecessors in its first few year’s. This was due to supply problems. Sony is well aware of this and has made it clear in its latest business summary that the supply issue is “a top priority”.

Sony also suggested in the business overview that it could stop its own progress by 2025. Sony estimates that the company’s revenue will split between mobile and PC by the time the product is released. The chart does not include the PS4. Although the PS5 is not on the same sales track as the PS4, Sony expects that its new console will surpass its predecessor within its fourth year (via GamesIndustry).