Sony vows to keep 60% of the image sensor market until 2025

In the fiscal year of 2019 Sony had 53% of its market share for sensors that are used on smartphones and digital cameras Then, this number went from 43% to 40% over the fiscal year that ended in. By the end of this decade, the company hopes to hold by at least 60 percent of the market, and to hold its position.

Image Source: Sony.

In order to achieve that, Sony isn’t going to stop developing new technologies for image processing. When a camera takes light, as an example the Octa PD camera, which was recently released, lets cameras concentrate on multiple subjects simultaneously. For instance, Sony’s position in the segment of image sensors is under threat by Samsung which has a share of 18.5 percent of the market as well as its Chinese Galaxy Core is leading Sony to enter a larger and more affordable smartphone segment. In addition, the American OmniVision Technologies position is dominant in the auto segment.

Sony will also boost production capacity. The 2022 year will see the total amount of $3 billion of capital will be allocated to the semiconductor industry which is up by 35 percent from the year-over-year. This month, Nagasaki’s brand new processing facility for image processing in Nagasaki is set to open in 2021. Omdia believes that the market for image sensors will grow by 34% up to 25,1 billion in the course of four years. It will increase up from $37 to $11,237. While the smartphone market has been shrinking in recent months the competition for camera functions is always growing.