The Bitcoin exchange rate has fallen below two thousand dollars for the first time since December 2020

The price of bitcoin continues to fall. In the last day, most sought-after cryptocurrency has fallen under 22 dollars. The majority of this occurred in October of 2020.

Image Source: Pixabay.

According to the biggest currency trading platform Binance, the value of bitcoin has dropped by more than seven percent over the course of the day. After we’ve finished writing this piece, one bitcoin was worth around $19,125. The CoinMarketCap platform allows you to calculate the cost of more than 20 exchanges, said that the value of bitcoin in the last 24 hours was down 6.5 percent from $19,554 for each unit. According to CoinDesk the exchange rate of between 8 and 91% is reduced to 19 227 USD.

The photo was taken by CoinDesk.

Despite the decrease in the value of the most well-known cryptocurrency in the world several other digital currencies could be affected. The price of the most well-known cryptocurrency, Ethereum, have decreased by 8.86 percent in the range of 999.29.9 per unit. In comparison, the value of the currency Binance was deleted for 8.78 percent (200.05) and the XPR price increased by 9.022 percent (30.30 euro). The exchange rate for Dogecoin, a meme cryptocurrency, has increased to 2,32 USD per coin in the last day.