Xbox expands Cloud Gaming to Argentina and New Zealand


Cloudplay is introducing innovative ways for gamers to play games they enjoy. The service takes games that are played on consoles or the PC , and bringing them on phones, tablets, tablets and more. The day before today, Xbox Cloud Gaming announced that they’ll be expanding their services to two additional locations: Argentina as well as New Zealand. Through a news release Catherine Gluckstein, vice- vice president and product manager for Xbox Cloud Gaming, talks about the benefits that the expansion will bring to both countries.

For those who aren’t aware, Xbox Cloud Gaming is an option for gamers who can play through the ultimate. It allows gamers to play over 100 games at any time using any controller compatible with. Additionally, it allows gamers to play games from the second generation using the Xbox One or compatible system. Today, players from Argentina or New Zealand can access these services.

We’ve been hearing from gamers from Argentina as well as New Zealand that accessing Xbox Cloud Gaming is a priority and we were thrilled to bring it into possibility in the coming weeks . In the coming weeks, you’ll be able to enjoy games with Samsung.Says Gluckstein in the press announcement.

Of course, players from Argentina as well as New Zealand can now play on the expanding list of games available on cloud gaming. For example, games like Halo Infinite, Forza Horizon 5, Tunic and many more. If players sign up to the ultimate game pass players will be granted access to all games included in Cloud Gaming.