Blade and Sorcery Best Mods (2022)

Blade and Sorcery Best Mods Blade and Sorcery Best Mods Star Wars Lightsabers, Marvel Avengers Packs, Weapon Packs, Telekinesis More Blood Butter Stabs and much more

Blade and Sorcery Best Mods – Star Wars Lightsabers Mod

You can become the Jedi or Sith The choice is yours! Here are three of my personal lightsabers!


  • ObiWan (Blue)
  • Skywalker (Green)
  • Vader (Red)


  • Idle sounds
  • Sounds of hit/stab
  • Powerful attacks
  • Easier dismemberment
  • Decals

Download Star Wars Lightsabers Mod > Here

Blade and Sorcery Best Mods – Butter Stabs Mod


  • Stabbing that is smoother piercing be less a pull and push
  • Pierceable All (Allows you to pierce any object like Chain, Plate Stone, Metal and more.)
  • Buttery Dismemberment This makes dismemberment effortless and smooth!

Download Butter Stabs Mod > Here

The category of Lightsabers and activation Spells as well as the Light Mod

Creates a section in the book that is devoted to Lightsabers. This is required for all my mods to my lightsabers. This is a new category to the Item Book where I will include new lightsabers. If you’re an modder who wants to create lightsabers contact me on discord. me via discord, Greenf1re#7899.


Download Lightsabers category and activation Spell Mod > Here

Blade and Sorcery Best Mods – AIO Spells Mod

All my spell mods as well as 2 new ones added available so that you do not have to look for new mods, just download the most recent version of the AIO spells(all together)

Download AIO Spells Mod > Here

Blade and Sorcery Best Mods – Telekinesis Mod

It is much easier to pick up and move enemies around with the telekinesis feature and an unlimited range. Telekinesis with enhanced telekinesis

  • Unlimited variety
  • Takes all enemies or objects instantly
  • The enemy is thrown away faster than ever before.
  • The limbs are removed more quickly
  • Telekinesis with infinite range

Download Telekinesis Mod > Here


Blade and Sorcery Best Mods – Dismemberment Mod

It makes dismembering people much more simple! Including MMP!

Download Dismemberment Mod > Here

Blade and Sorcery Best Mods – Darksaber Mod

A long-standing Lightsaber used as an impressive symbol of power to the Mandalorians Unique weapon equipped with a blade of black energy lined with a white-smooth edge. Abilities:

  • Idle sounds
  • Sounds of hit/stab
  • Powerful attacks
  • Easier dismemberment
  • Decals

Download Darksaber Mod > Here


Blade and Sorcery Best Mods – Medieval Megapack Mod

A MegaPack that includes 300plus realistic weapons from various Medieval European origin (and beyond) that NPCs are able to spawn with.

  • Each weapon was created in accordance with the way in which it’s utilized in real life with specific grip points, product descriptions and specific damage characteristics.
  • Custom Categories are available to make these weapons easy to navigate and distinguish from the vanilla weapons and other mods.
  • NPCS are usually one-handed weapons that are that are of general European origin.

Download Medieval Megapack Mod > Here

1851 Navy Colt and Gun Framework Mod

A functioning Colt Revolver for Nomad, features hammer animations, recoil as well as effects and high-damage. Features:

  • Recoil
  • Animations with Hammer
  • Bullets are fired
  • Custom hand poses for hand
  • Black powder revolver

Download 1851 Navy Colt and Gun Framework Mod > Here


Blade and Sorcery Best Mods – Spider Man Mod

A spell that allows you to create webs by shooting them and swing over them as Spider-Man Use:

  1. Select the spell you want to use.
  2. Position your palm so that it faces the direction you’d like to swing your hand (web shoots out in the direction of the finger tips)
  3. Charge and let go of spell (spell is charged immediately, and there is there is no consumption of magic)
  4. Grab immediately to secure on to the web
  5. Repeat steps until swinging
  6. Switch the left-hand joystick to alter the direction of your swing or gain momentum.

Activities to be done:

  • Explore maps, swing
  • Go up the webstring, then grab onto the web
  • Deflect fireballs and arrows using the internet
  • What a spider does

Download Spider Man Mod > Here

Blade and Sorcery Best Mods – Fast Weapon Handling Mod

Learn to swing your weapon effortlessly and with ease(All weapons weigh less) even when you are in slo-mo!


Download Fast Weapon Handling Mod > Here

Blade and Sorcery Best Mods – Tactical Weapon Pack Mod

This mod includes 9 weapons for tactical use. It includes every weapon required to make someone disappear ….Weapons:

  • Shield
  • Hammer Axe
  • Karambit Knife
  • Katana (With sheath)
  • Kukri
  • Machete
  • Sickle
  • Spear
  • Tomahawk

Download Tactical Weapon Pack Mod > Here

Blade and Sorcery Best Mods – More Blood Mod

Are you looking for a bit more gore? Try this! It allows more blood and blood to flow from legs!


Download More Blood Mod > Here

Mjolnir Marvel Avengers Nomad Mod

This mod also adds Mjolnir. Do you want to feel powerful? With Thor’s Hammer, you can fly around, hit the floor and make your enemies fly through the air. You can also get a huge knockback. It will then return to your hand after holding the button to grip. It was created as a commision. Presently, it is only available with knockback

Download Mjolnir Marvel Avengers Nomad Mod > Here

Blade and Sorcery Best Mods – Trials of the Shinobi Mod

This is a full Naruto modification mod for conversion. You can combat with your preferred Narutoverse weapon against rival Shinobi from other villages.


7. Swordsman from the Mist Swords (8 Weapons due to they are the product of Kabutowari):

  • Hiramekarei
  • Kabutowari
  • Kiba
  • Kubikiribocho
  • Nuibari
  • Samehada
  • Shibuki

Other weapons/items from Naruto:

  • Kunai
  • Demon Wind Shuriken
  • Minato’s Hiraishin Kunai
  • Hagoromo’s Six Paths Staff
  • Hamura’s Six Paths Staff
  • Sword of Kusanagi
  • Shuriken
  • Asuma’s Chakra Blades
  • Sakumo’s Chakra Sword
  • Shisui’s Tanto
  • Konoha Chakra Blade
  • Pain’s Chakra Receivers
  • Jigen’s Long Chakra Receivers
  • Hidan’s Triple-Bladed Scythe
  • Darui’s Cleaver Sword
  • Enma Staff Form
  • Madara’s Gunbai
  • Hanzo’s Kusarigama
  • Mifune’s Kurosowa
  • Shichiseiken
  • Sword of Nunoboko
  • Anbu Black Ops Sword
  • Omoi’s Sword

Download Trials of the Shinobi Nomad Mod > Here

Blade and Sorcery Best Mods – Marvel Modpack Mod

This pack lets you experience your most vivid fantasies as the hero of your dreams!


  • Avengers Tower Map
  • Black Widow – Stun Batons
  • Captain America – Classic Shield, Wakandan Shield
  • Daredevil – Billy Club
  • Blade – Daywalker Sword
  • Deadpool – Deadpool Holster, Katana
  • Drax – Dagger
  • Gambit – Playing Card
  • Thor – Mjolnir, Stormbreaker, Gladiator Sword
  • Heimdall – Hofund
  • Loki – Scepter
  • Knull – All-Black Necrosword
  • Doctor Strange – Mystic Arts
  • Taskmaster – Shield
  • Thanos – Infinity Blade
  • Wolverine – Adamantium Claws
  • Hofund size fix
  • The size of the Loki Scepter can be adjusted
  • New Doctor Strange textures Doctor Strange textures
  • Moon Knight – Crescent, Staff
  • Hawkeye – Bow
  • Kate Bishop – Bow
  • Gamora – Godslayer
  • Star Lord – Guns

Download Marvel Modpack Mod > Here

Painful Death SFX Nomad Mod

Simply add 10 additional voice voices for NPCs. No distracting repetitive dialogue. Simply combat vocalizations.

New voice types are added to the existing NPCs. Very vanilla-friendly, copying the style and format of the current NPC voice types.

  • 4-8 Unique lines for every event: falling, death slow deaths, tough attacks and regular ones, and being struck.
  • There is no need to interrupt or repeat the same dialog. Only vocalizations.
  • 10 brand new character types, 5 males and 5 females
  • The software is running in its current state. Does not require any modifications.

Download Painful Death SFX Nomad Mod > Here


Kylo Ren’s Lightsaber Mod

A crossguard lightsaber possessed by Kylo Ren, the Supreme leader of the First Order and master of the Knights of Ren. To light it, simply imbue it with the activation spell and then press A or x, if you’re left-handed.

Download Kylo Ren’s Lightsaber Mod > Here

Blade and Sorcery Best Mods – Smith and Wesson 1911 Mod

The Smith and Wesson 1911, a semi-automatic gun that was originally designed by Browning. The Nomad version features slides, recoil and casing ejection:

  • Recoil
  • Semi-automatic
  • Animations that slide and trigger
  • Bullets fired by fire
  • Custom hand-crafted pose
  • Expels casings

Download Smith and Wesson 1911 Mod > Here


Blade and Sorcery Best Mods – Earth Bending Spell Mod

Have you ever thought of becoming an Earth bender? Now you are able to! You can fly using the bigger, more powerful version, as with the barrel mod. This modification requires Telekinesis mod to function:

Download Earth Bending Spell Mod > Here