FarmVille 3 Exotic Animals – How to Get, Evolve, List & more

FarmVille 3 Exotic Animals-How to Get, Evolve and List – Everything you need in order to obtain all the exotics, and evolve them


FarmVille 3 Exotic animals – List

These are the only exotic animals that are currently available.

  • Crow– Forest Exotic Animal
  • Badger– Forest Exotic Animal
  • Hog Badger– Forest Exotic Animal
  • Skunk– Forest Exotic Animal
  • Red Fox– Forest Exotic Animal
  • Raccoon– Forest Exotic Animal
  • Asian Bear – Mountain Exotic Animal
  • Grey Wolf – Mountain Exotic Animal
  • Brown Bear – Mountain Exotic Animal
  • River Otter – Mountain Exotic Animal
  • Ocelot – Mountain Exotic Animal
  • Black Wolf – Mountain Exotic Animal
  • White Tail Deer Snow Exotic Animal
  • Artic Fox Snow Exotic Animal
  • Penguin Snow Exotic Animal
  • Brown Reindeer Snow Exotic Animal
  • Polar Bear Snow Exotic Animal
  • Australian Teamster Desert Exotic Animal
  • Fennec Fox – Desert Exotic Animal
  • Donkey Desert Exotic Animal
  • Red Kangaroo – Desert Exotic Animal
  • Tree Kangaroo – Jungle Exotic Animal
  • RhesusMacaque– Jungle Exotic Animal
  • Alligator Snapping Turtle – Jungle Exotic Animal
  • Gecko– Jungle Exotic Animal

We will show you how to get them, make them better and develop them in the next sections.

FarmVille 3 Exotic Animals: How to Get

Exploration & Quests

These are the steps for obtaining exotic animals via exploration and quests

  1. First, unlock the exotic animal home. To do this, must achieve level 9 .
  2. The Exotic Animal Home and the Ranger Station were built.
  3. Get your first exotic by unlocking the Exploration (tap the Ranger Station)
  4. For more exotic animals, complete the chapters or exotic animal quests at (Ranger Station > map)

Merchant & Shop Menu

These are the steps for getting exotic animals from a merchant & shop menu.

  1. This requires the Ranger Station. So reach level 9 to build the exotic animal home, and the ranger station
  2. Send exotic animals for exploration or exotic animal quests, until you unlock the merchant. You will also need keys to access the chests.
  3. Navigate to the merchant menu > exotic chests tab>. Watch video ads and spend gems to purchase chests.
    1. Bronze Exotic Chest – This chest contains Training Elixir and one (1 to 2 star) Exotic Animal. It is available for free from the Merchant once per day
    2. Silver Exotic Chest – This chest will give out one (1) to two stars Exotic Animal. It can be purchased with Silver Exotic Tokens or Gems.
    3. Exotic Gold Chest: This chest will give out one Exotic Animal (from 1 to 3 stars). It can be purchased with Gems and Gold Exotic Tokens
    4. Epic Exotic Chest – This chest contains one rare Exotic Animal. It can be purchased using your Gems

FarmVille 3 Exotic Animals: How to Evolve

To be able face the most difficult missions, you will need to train, improve and evolve your exotics. You can train and evolve an exotic animal from the file. However, each one will require different materials.


  • Learn and improve . You’ll need elixirs. These can be obtained from animal quests, deliveries, or selling exotic animals. You can enhance the exotic animals you have with elixirs and then develop them.
  • Evolve (Requires reaching the highest level of exotics through training). Evolution Materials are required. You can get evolution materials from Sky Race and exotic animal quests.