How to Become Demon in Project Slayers?

How To Become Demon In Project Slayers – Unlock Demon Race and Demon Progression FAQ (Benefits & weaknesses)

How to Become Demon In Project Slayers – Unlock Demon Race

Find muzan at random locations each night, and become a human lvl 15+ to complete the Muzan’s quest.

To complete Muzan’s quest: collect 5 blue flower lilies. Carry Doctor Higoshima with you to muzan. Higoshima can be found in a house close to Kiribating village. To become a demon, you will need to use the vial of muzanblood. Repeat Muzan’s quest if the transformation fails.

Muzan Location

Muzan has placed spawn points around the map, so you can find him at one of his many spots randomly every night. For a portion of the quest, you will need to take a hostage. You’ll need to bring it with you on the same night.

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Demon Progression – How to Become a Demon in Project Slayers

There are three levels of demons. To level up, all you need to do is to farm (consume souls) more. You will receive souls from all NPCs. However, you will be able to make faster progress if you are able to obtain souls.

  • Mizunoto (at Butterfly Mansion), = x1 progression points
  • x5 points for progression between Slayer and Human players

You will be able to see what you can expect each time you level up

  1. Weak Demon – Level 1: +15 hp, +1 strength, +5 BDA spins
  2. Strong Demon – Level 2: +30 hp, +2 strength, +10 BDA spins
  3. Level 3: Really Strong Demon: +45 HP, +3 Strength, +15 BDA Spins

FAQ: How to Become a Demon in Project Slayers

1- Being a demon can make you sick. However, there are three ways to get around it.


  • Use a hat
  • Hidden in the shadows
  • Kamado

2- Benefits

  • Demons can also block blade attacks, provided that the purple bar is not empty.
  • Certain clan skills, such as Demon heal, will be available to you.
  • You can also perform demon quests as directed by Muzan (it will all be in your hotbar).

3-Claws vs Katanas. Claws can be used to defeat katanas, but are still very powerful weapons.

Demon vs Slayer

Each race has its own advantages, and no one race is better than the other. These are the benefits of being a Slayer, in case you wish to compare them.

  • Slayers will receive a Crow (it’ll be in your hotbar), which will allow them to complete slayer quests.
  • You can use clan skills such as Godspeed, for example.
  • You will be able to look great in uniforms from the slayer corp
  • Future updates will include exclusive content