How to Get Beast Breathing in Demonfall – Location & Requirements

How to Access breath-taking in Demonfall Location and Requirements – Find out how to get one of the greatest breaths in Demonfall



How to Get Beast Breathing in Demonfall – Location

Take a trip to the village that is not named (close to Slayer Corps), run straight ahead, and speak to Inosuke

You must complete x3 tasks in order to unlock the Beast Breathing

  1. First Give Inosuke one Green Horn
  2. Give Inosuke one Blue Horn
  3. Then Give Inosuke 100 food items (buy the meat from Okuyia village, which costs 2000 yen)

Beast Breathing Location

If you are unable to locate Inosuke take a look at this video tutorial (credits to YouTuber Auratix) as well as unlocking the Beast Breathing.

How to Get Beast Breathing in Demonfall – Skills

All of these are the skills that they have, along with their cooldowns and cost:

  • Slice The user sprints in the direction of forwards before unleashing double attack in the form of an X. This attack also features an auto-targeting feature and hyper armor.
  • Devour User spins over 3 minutes, moving slightly forward while they spin. If it is used in mid-air the user remains in mid-air until the movement ends.
  • Slice and Dice The player performs four movements, making multiple attacks and sprinting forward every time. The player appears to be invincible as the movement is in motion.
  • Ending Fang The player gets up and is then turned around, and delivers the kick in front of them. The move is a hyper-armor and has auto-targeting and the ability to execute automatically.


M1’s hits twice, and then hitting Demons causes bleeding, and does approximately 25 percent less damage

Breathing styles are swordsmanship styles that are paired by an esoteric breathing technique which enhances the capabilities of a swordsman. They have been proved to be effective in fighting enemies in tandem using the Nichirin Katana