How to get Hawkmoon Destiny 2?

How do I get Hawkmoon Destiny 2 The Paracausal feather locations are one of the most exotic hand cannons available for Crucible, Gambit and PvE.


How to Get the Hawkmoon Destiny 2 Updated 2021

These are the steps required to unlock the Hawkmoon ( Requires Destiny 2 Season of the Lost/ Beyond the Light Deluxe edition).


  1. Visit Spider in Tangled Shore (Check As The Crow Flies if the quest isn’t available).
  2. Locate the five Paracausal Feather sites (See here for the Paracausal Feather Locations)
  3. Visit the Crow on the Tangled Shore
  4. Completion of mission A Cry From Beyond (EDZ)
  5. Get 50 Power Orbs
  6. Return to the Crow on the Tangled Shore
  7. Look for Paracausal Feathers in EDZ by investigating the marking coordinates
  8. In Gambit and Crucible matches, defeat Guardians or defeat Champions
  9. Complete the mission The Crow and the Hawk within the EDZ

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How to Get the Hawkmoon Destiny 2 Quests

1- The Crow Flies Hawkmoon Exotic Quest

  1. From the Season of the Hunt’s first quest, complete the second one until you are ready to hunt with Uldren. (Requires Destiny 2 Season of the Lost/ Beyond the Light Deluxe Edition).
  2. Visit the Spider to pick As the Crow Flies (from his inventory)

2- Hawkmoon Paracausal feather locations

  • 1st Paracausal Feat – Tangled shore -Spider’s lair. Get it after you start the quest
  • 2nd Paracausal feather EDZ. The Sludge is a broken walkway that overlooks rock and the Lost Sector.
  • 3rd Paracausal feather – The Steppes spawn and climb the broken column
  • 4th Paracausal feather – The Dreamong City – Divalian mists, at The Blind Well’s big purple gate
  • 5th Paracausal feather The Moon – Oryx’s Shrine Lower ring of the shrine area

To complete the step and unlock the next, give the feathers to Spider

If you need any help, check out this video that shows the locations.

3-Cry From Beyond Hawkmoon Exotic Quest

  1. You can earn Orbs of Power, and you can collect more feathers by completing missions waypoints.
  2. Kill guardians and champions (Lost Sectors are the best sport for farming)

4- The Hawk Hawkmoon and the Crow Exotic Quest

Similar to the third step, but you don’t require any help. Just follow the waypoints

How do I get the Hawkmoon Destiny 2 – Review

The best hand cannons for Crucible, Gambit and PvE.

Intrinsic characteristics > Paracausal shot: Final blows and precision hits using Hawkmoon grat stacks. Based on how many stacks you have, the final round of the magazine deals bonus damage. This bonus is removed by Storing Hawkmon in the final round.

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