How to Get Moon Breathing in Demonfall – Location & Requirements

How to Find the Moon’s Breath in Demonfall Location and Requirements. Learn the secrets to unlocking one the most effective breathing techniques of Demonfall


How to Get Moon Breathing in Demonfall – Location

Visit Frosty Forest, located on top of a mountain, close to a massive Moai Statue close to Cave of The Green Demon. Green Demon

  1. Contact the NPC Kokushibo at evening (if you’re not an ally or Kamado Clan). Kamado Clan you will burn throughout the day)
  2. Select: I accept (you become a hybrid and you will lose 50 percent from your level)
  3. Contact Kokushibo NPC again. Kokushibo NPC again
  4. Choose Ee biko!

Requirements Minimum: 5 Muzan Blood, and as well, level 50.

Moon Breathing Location

If you are unable to locate Kokushibo then check out this video tutorial (credits to the YouTube channel AshzX) and unlock Moon Breathing ability:


How to Get Moon Breathing in Demonfall – Skills

These are all the techniques as well as their cooldowns, and the cost:

  • Dark Moon: horizontal slash before them, similar to the surface of water breathing’s Slash
  • A savage Moon A an incredibly powerful AOE attack that is similar to Sun Breathing’s Flash Dance (Breaks guard)
  • Moon Spirit Calamitous Eddy Barrage of slashes that is quick and effective like that of Mist Breathing’s eight-layered Mist
  • Mirror of Misfortune, Moonlit: Five multi-directional slashes on the ground. Auto executes
  • Moon Dragon Ringtail is a diagonal slash that moves at a high rate, similar to the Flame Breathing’s Flame Bend
  • Catastrophe reverses and put their swords in their sheaths, before unleashing a string of crescent-shaped Slashes that travel at slow speeds


Each M1 drains the Enemy stamina

Breathing styles are swordsmanship techniques that are combined by an esoteric breathing technique which enhances the capabilities of a swordsman. It has been proved to be effective in fighting monsters using the Nichirin Katana