How to Get Sound Breathing in Demonfall – Location & Requirements

How to Receive the Sound Breathing experience in Demonfall Location and Requirements. Learn how to get one of the best breaths in Demonfall


How to Get Sound Breathing in Demonfall – Location

You must accomplish two things to gain access to the Sound Breathing.

  1. Locate Uzui’s wife, Suma, Makio and Hinatsuru as well. Hinatsuru (Check videos for guides to the locations below)
  2. Donate Tengen Three Perfect Crystals (Ultra difficult if don’t already have them within your collection)

Sound Breathing Location

If you’re unable to find the wives of Uzui, Suma, Makio and Hinatsuru, as well as Hinatsuru look up this video tutorial (credits to youtube’s Akronik and Vasper) and then unlock the Sound Breathing feature:


How to Get Sound Breathing in Demonfall – Skills

These are all the techniques that they have, along with their cooldowns, and their cost:

  • Roar The user raises both their blades into the air, then slams them onto the ground, leaving huge craters and an enormous explosion
  • Bang The user is able to swing both their blades outwards in a horizontal cross-slash fashion, creating an effect of flash that could also cause blindness to the target.
  • Chain Explosion A user bangs their blades, causing an explosive stream that falls toward the opponent.
  • Performance of Strings User is able to swing their right blade as they speed towards their goal, creating trails trails of explosives
  • Smoke Smoke: The user makes an invisible black puff of smoke and disappears. You can utilize it to get rid of an endless combo, like any I-frame move


Like Beast M1 is twice hit by M1.

Breathing styles are swordsmanship styles that are paired by an esoteric breathing technique that improves the skills of a swordsman. They have been proved to be effective in fighting monsters using the Nichirin Katana