Iconoclasts Trophy Guide

Iconoclasts Trophy guide – Find all the trophies you want with this guide. This guide includes tips, locations, and guides for each trophy.


Iconoclasts Trophy Book – All Trophies

These are the descriptions for all the trophies. Although most of the trophies are obvious, you may still need assistance with some. So in the next section, we will provide tutorials.


  • Coloring Agent – Survive the encounter (Story-related, unmissable)
  • Life Experience – Complete the game (on any difficulty).
  • Pearly Gates – Reach the city (Story-related, unmissable)
  • Beaucoup booty: All chests in one playthrough ( )
  • Multitool – Make all the main adjustments ( )
  • One-Hit Wonder: Beat Challenge mode (tutorial)
  • Feature Creep
  • Parrying Mechanism: Use the wrench (or R2 or circle), to deflect danger
  • PitchBlack: Protect the rocket
  • Melodrama Defeat Fitzroy ( Tutorial).
  • Psychopomps Defeat Mother’s Corners

Guide to the Iconoclasts Trophy – Guides

To unlock all trophies, there are three major steps:

  • You can only complete the game once: Feature Creep. Parrying mechanic, Coloring agent, Life Experience. Pearly Gates.
  • All collectibles and optional bosses are available: Multitool, Beaucoup Booty & Psychopomps & Melodrama
  • Challenge Mode: One-Hit Wonder

MultiTool trophy Guide

This video shows you all the locations of the schematics. Craft them all, and you’ll get the trophy (credit goes to YouTube user Frankcubed).

This is the third difficulty level. You die after one hit. This video by Link_Z, a YouTuber, may be helpful even though they are the same bosses.

This boss is optional. You will need to locate the four dead pupils (x2 In Blockrock, Ferrier Shockwood, and x1 In The Tower) and then access eastern Ferrier Shockwood’s hidden platform.