Insider insists that God of War Ragnarok is coming out this year

God of War Ragnarok delay reports that circulate the news constantly, but an insider claims that it is set to begin in January of this year.

We’ll be thrilled when God of War: Ragnarok hits store shelves this year. We’d be somewhat shocked in the event that it didn’t take place.

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According to Associated Press’ Jason Schreier, “Someone Who Would Know Firsthand” and “Someone Else Who Might Know Secondhand” have not revealed that there’s been any change to the lore about War Ragnarok. This is in line with Schreier’s previous assertion about the sequel of the best-selling PS4 game is yet to finish. In the same way, contradicting reports suggest that a delay isn’t completely impossible.

It’s the perfect time to be aware the fact that Horizon Forbidden West was all planned to happen this year, and Sony even offered a state of play broadcast that was devoted for Zero Dawn. Zero Dawn sequel. It didn’t stop the game from prolonged delay.

We doubt that a delay could end a love affair for war: Ragnarok.

Therefore, we can’t say we believe that Santa Monica Studio has pushed back the release date of The God of War sequel. However, we haven’t completely ruled out the possibility of a sequel.

The delay may have been a major factor in the development of God of War: Ragnarok and the fans do not seem to be concerned about how this might impact the quality of the game. One of my goals was to give Kratos voice actor Christopher Judge, enough time to recover from numerous operations that forced him out of action for several months. Even even if Sony does not launch Ragnarok next year there’s no doubt that it will be to be better.

It’s clear that I have no idea about this nagging feeling that results from the absence of details regarding sources like the Santa Monica studio. It’s important to note that a number of people working at Santa Monica Studio have confirmed that the game continues to be running on time. Since it was announced the studio hasn’t remained still, so it’s an issue that needs to be addressed. The studio has missed two crucial moments to show the game and honor the god of War Ragnarok’s current state on June 2nd 2013, and the Summer Game.

The morality of war: Ragnarok in December is an excellent way to allow Sony to have a great year to make it a year of success.

If there’s a serious misunderstood there’s a chance that the talks will result in on the other side a position towards Sony as well as Santa Monica Studios.

In the meantime, viewers will be reminded that Amazon has also secured rights to a god-of-war war television show. Between Ragnarok scheduled for release this year, in 2023 if not, and there is a possibility for a brand new sequel coming in the years following the fans will have greater opportunities to see that Ghost of Sparta in action in the coming years. For everyone with PS Plus, God of War is free until June.