Kill It With Fire Upgrades Locations

Kill It With Fire Updates Locations guide: Find all upgrades in this article: First Contact, Close Encounters, Domestic Duties, Major Inconvenience, Garden of Evil, Barnstormer, Paper Trail, Contingency Omega, Consequences


“Kill It With Fire Updates” First Contact

These are the upgrades from First Contact:

  • Protein Shake Left side of the TV cabinet

Kill It With Fire Upgrades Close Encounters

All the Upgrades for Close Encounters:

  1. S.P.I.D.A.R: Under the mattress
  2. Cargo Shorts: Study > Secret Room > bottom shelf

Kill It with Fire Upgrades Domestic obligations

All the upgrades for Domestic Duty:

  1. Gel insoles In the dryer
  2. Sigma Module Garbage can > garage

Kill It With Fire Upgrades Big Inconvenience

These are the Upgrades with the most major inconveniences:

  1. The Kerosene-soaked bullets are in the correct portable toilet
  2. D-Cells located in the sewer grate, to just to the left

Garden of Evil Upgrades

All the upgrades that are available in Garden of Evil:


  1. Arachnodex Arachnodex HTML0: Behind the gate to Blossom.
  2. Giant Magnet: in the shrine

Barnstormer Upgrades

These are the upgrades in Barnstormer:

  1. Holster is located inside the chest next to the vase of flowers
  2. Reflex Sight Cabinet > Barn

Paper Trail Upgrades

All the upgrades in the Paper Trail:

  1. Laser Men’s Bathroom > located next to the right toilet
  2. Flashlight conference room > at the top of the table

Contingency Omega Upgrades

All of these are upgrades within Contingency Omega:

  1. No Upgrades

Consequences Upgrades

These are all Updates with Consequences:

  1. Goose Mode located in the office of the partner (this door requires 4 Arachno-Gauntlets)
  2. Nuclear Generator located at the office of the partner (this door requires four Arachno-Gauntlets)
  3. Cargo Pants: located in the downstairs office (this entrance requires six Arachno Gauntlets)
  4. Arachnoscope located in the office downstairs (this door requires six Arachno-Gauntlets)
  5. Tiny Mode is found in the sewer grate to the left and just to the left of the speakers
  6. Secret Sniffer: Outside > under the van