Len’s Island Cheats

The Len’s Island cheats the top cheat engine or cheat trainer and steps to install the cheats, as well as the complete set of console command that are available

Len’s Island Cheats – How to Install

These are the steps needed to download and install Cheat Trainer that gives access to cheats for the game:

  • Download CT File from here. CT Document from here.
  • Install the cheating Enfgine
  • Double-click on the .CT file to open it.
  • Click the PC icon on Cheat Engine to choose the game’s process.
  • Make a list.
  • You can activate the trainer by selecting boxes and setting the values between 0 and 1

Len’s Island Cheats – List of Commands

This is the entire listing of commands for consoles you’ll have at hand when you install the Cheat Trainer

  • Save – saves the game.
  • timer 
  • setday – Sets the day (between 1-31).
  • timescale 
  • fastfwd – Accelerates time.
  • Bp – Adjusts the backpack of the player at a certain level.
  • Give The player is given the player a specific amount of each resource.
  • god – Enables/Disables God mode.
  • Heal – Relieves the player with a certain amount.
  • in pain The player is hurt by the amount specified.
  • load Loads the scene through an index to build.
  • Help – Lists of the commands available.
  • daylength Sets the duration of the days in seconds.
  • feed – Adds a certain amount to the bar of food
  • starve – Removes the specified amount of food from the bar
  • sethunger – Sets the hunger at the specified amount.
  • debug – Turns off the debugger.

About the Game

Farm, build, fight and discover. Discover your own path. It doesn’t matter if it’s building the house that you’ve always dreamed of or tending to your crop while watching the sun set or exploring the secrets about The Island and the dark under You may even need to bring the sword along with you.

You’re new in town and with just the equipment in your backpack and a determination to succeed, you begin to build a new future with yourself in the gorgeous island that is nearby.
Discover the secrets that the island has to offer as you explore the caves in search of the treasures that previous travelers have sought for.

Len’s Island is a blend of serene crafting, farming and building as well as fierce combat with dungeons, battles and exploration.