Marvels Midnight Sun: The launch runs on October 7th, 2022

Marvel’s Midnight Suns use their supernatural powers to defeat Lilith and her demons.

2K and Marvel Entertainment announced today that Marvels Midnight Suns would be available October 7, 2022.

Firaxis Games, which is behind the critically acclaimed Civilization, XCOM and XCOM franchisess, has ignored a new tactical RPG that’s set in the dark side of Marvel Universe.

S, Xbox One and Windows PC via Steam and Epic Games Store. Soon, the Nintendo Switch will be available.

Marvels harry when the Hydra armies are joined by the demonic Lilith, and her unholy horde. Hunter is a player who leads a team of supernatural warriors and superpowerful players to defeat the apocalyptic threat.


Are legends such as Doctor Strange, Iron Man, and Blade able to settle their differences and work together? Players must form alliances in order to survive failure and defeat the legendary Midnight Suns, who serve as the last line against the underworld.


You can create your own hunter by using a wide range of abilities and characters. They just want to send Lilith’s army back to hell.

We are very excited to welcome players to the darker and supernatural side of Marvel. Our friends created an unaware Marvel experience for fans that can be used in October with the animated Marvels.

2K has now released a trailer for Summer Games Fest 2022, where a Midnight Suns battled the Liliths army.

Two new heroes will be added to the fight against Lilith, Spider-Man and others! As more heroes join the fight against Lilith the demon mother gathers a ruthless bunch of Venom, Sabretooth and Scarlet Witch versions, as well as the Hulk, to combat the evil.

Jake Solomon, creative director at Firaxis Games, said that he has been waiting to hear what the future holds for Marvel’s Midnight Suns. We are honored to offer Marvel fans many new villains and heroes, and we cannot wait to see how tactical fans fight like superheroes in the Midnight Suns.

Pre-Order Marvels Midnight Suns now

Marvels Midnight Suns is available in four versions: Standard Edition, Enhanced Edition and Digital+.


Information about the versions:

  • For five9.99, the standard edition can be purchased through Steam or the Epic Games Store. It is available for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Windows PC. There is also a base version.
  • S for $69. The Enhanced Edition includes a console optimized version of the game, as well as 5 premium cosmetic skins.
  • Digital+ Edition will be made available for PlayStation 4, Xbox 5, and Xbox One. It can also be purchased on PC via Steam and Epic Games Store for 99.99 Euro. This series includes premium cosmetic skins. S versions are also optimized for next-gen consoles.
  • S, Xbox One and Windows PC via Steam, and the Epic Games store for 99.99. This new edition includes 23 premium cosmetic skins and the Marvel Midnight Suns Season Pass.
    • Captain America (Future Soldier)
    • Captain America (Captain in the Guard)
    • Captain Marvel (Marvell)
    • Captain Marvel (Medieval Marvel)
    • Magick (Phoenix 5, is (Phoenix5)
    • Magik is a recent recruit.
    • Nico Minoru (Sister Grimm)
    • Nico Minoru, a “Shadow Witch”
    • L-10 Heavy-duty Army
    • Wolverine (Cowboy Logan).
    • The defense sword was taken.
    • Blade 1602, Blade 1602.
    • Iron Man
    • Iron Man (Bleeding Edge)
    • Ghost Rider, patron of revenge.
    • Ghost Rider (Dore’s Knight)
    • Doctor Strange (Suppressor for the Next Generation).
    • What is the worst thing about a witch?
    • Squeezing Witch (fallens Scarlet Witch)
    • Spiders (symbiote).
    • Spiders, evil!
    • She’ll be given additional skin to pay for an unannounced Hero.
    • You might be able to give an additional skin as a gift from an unannounced theft victim.

Marvels Midnight Sun lets fans:

  • It is difficult to meet Lilith and her army of underworld warriors. These adventures lead them to a deeply personal story about Hunter, their character and the first person in Marvel Universe to fully understand Hunter. They must defeat evils and fight corrupt allies to save the world.
  • The Marvel Universe’s players can fight Hellfire. An iconic team of superheroes and supernatural fighters from the Avengers and X-Men. You must resist Lilith’s dark power to stand out against a cast that includes Venom, Sabretooth, and even the Hulk, who have been corrupted by her.
  • Firaxis Games is a legendary studio that created the tactical RPG. Players must think strategically and fight like superheroes. Your goal is to create a team that can conquer the battlefield using their skills and weapons. They also build personal relationships outside of the battlefield by residing in Abbey, a mystical secret base.

Marvels Midnight Suns is yet to be rated.

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