Project Slayers Wind Breathing – Location, Moves & More

The Project Slayers Breath – Locations Moving, Moves and More Unlock the The Wind Breathing Style, and become a master of its movements


Project Slayers Wind Breathing – Trainer Location

How do you unlock Wind Breathing from Jinger, the Wind Trainer, Jinger, at Wind Trainer. You can look up the map and if you need assistance with the location, look up this video tutorial from Auratix:

Wind Breathing Requirements

The minimum required to master the art of breathing technique is level 12 and you’ll also require 5k web

Project Slayers Wind Breathing – Moves

There are total of x6 movements

  • 1st Move – Purifying Wind The user unleashes a wide distance wind slash at the enemy , damaging them.
  • 2nd move – Dust Whirlwind Cutter: The player enters the whirlwind, which will bring them closer to their opponent harming them.
  • 3rd Move 3rd Move – Clear Storm Wind Tree: The person who is using the technique slashes the whole area around them , dealing with a great deal of damage to the adversaries.
  • 4th move – Black Wind Mountain Mist player can unleash a powerful, short range slash on the foe.
  • 5th Move: Cold Mountain Wind: The user unleashes 3 slashes on their opponent, injuring them.
  • 6th move 6th Move Idaten Typhoon: The user raises his arms and then sends five flying wind blasts at the enemy, dealing huge damage.