Rebirth Champions X Codes – Roblox – July 2022

All of the current Rebirth Champions X Codes in one list that is updated regularly – Roblox Games created by Powerful Studio Use these codes to earn Click boosts and clicks, the primary money to unlock new worlds and pets.


Rebirth Champions X Codes – Full List

Use these codes to redeem Click boosts and clicks. the primary currency used to unlock new worlds and pets.


Valid & Active Codes

These are the most valid codes.

  • summer Redeem Code: Free Double boost (New)
  • 150kthanks Redeem Code: Free Rebirths boost
  • 60m Redeem Code: Free double boost
  • galactic Redeem Code: Free double boost
  • alien – Redeem Code: free double Boost
  • mars Redeem Code: Double boost
  • space Redeem Code: double free boost
  • 50m Redeem Code: Free Double boost
  • hell Redeem Code: Free 2 Lucky Boost
  • steampunk Redeem Code: Free luck Boost
  • easter2 Redeem Code: Free luck Boost
  • 100kthanks Redeem Code: Rebirths for free boost
  • easter Redeem Code: no-cost luck Boost
  • Cave Redeem Code: Free Click for Boost
  • 75kthanks Redeem Code: Free Lucky Boost
  • scary Redeem Code: Free luck Boost
  • thanksfor50k Redeem Code: no cost Boost
  • nuclear Redeem Code: no cost Boost
  • null Redeem Code: no Boost
  • 10mthanks Redeem Code: Free boost
  • heaven Redeem Code: Free Boost
  • wow30000 – Redeem Code: Rebirths Boost
  • magic Redeem Coupon by clicking Boost.
  • 20kthankyou – Redeem Code: Click Boost
  • freeluckboost Redeem Code: RebirthsBoost
  • wow10klikesthanks – Redeem Code: Rebirths Boost
  • freeclicksomg – Redeem Code: Click Boost
  • moon Redeem Coupon Code by clicking Boost.
  • 5klikesthanks – Redeem Code: Click Boost
  • wow2500likes – Redeem Code: Click Boost
  • already 1500 likes Redeem Coupon Code by clicking on Boost
  • thanks500likes Redeem Coupon Click to on Boost
  • RELEASE – Redeem Code: 1k Clicks

Although we’re not the developers of the game, and we aren’t the ones to release new codes, on our current list, you will always have access to all codes and rewards that can be redeemed.

Rebirth Champions X Social Media Channels

  • Discord: Powerful Studio
  • Twitter: @StudioPowerful
  • Youtube: ? ?
  • Roblox Group:!/about

If you leave us a message If you discover additional working codes, and we’ll include them in the list, giving you credit

Codes that are expired

There aren’t any expired codes currently available.


Rebirth Champions X Codes – How to Redeem?

Launch Rebirth ChampionsX. Select to the Shop Icon(right menu). The Popup Box Screen will be displayed. Enter codes into the empty space. (You can cut and paste the codes by making use of CTRL + C or CTRL + V to copy these codes found in the post). Click the Redeembutton to redeem your freebies.

Get freebies from Rebirth Champions X.

Learn how the process of redeeming codes (video by youtube Dan, Gaming Dan)

How do I participate in Rebirth Champions X? Roblox Game by Powerful Studio

Next code is 5000 likes at
Utilize the coupon the code “RELEASE” for Free Clicks in-game!
Make use of the coupon code “wow2500likes” for Free Boost in-game!


Welcome to Rebirth Champions X!

  • Click to get Clicks!
  • Hatch Eggs can let you unlock brand new Pets!
  • Rebirth to get Clicks Multiplier!
  • New worlds to unlock and revive!
  • Achieve the top leaderboards and be the most successful!

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