Serial Cleaners stealth action game set for September release

Draw Distance’s creators and publisher broadcast their secret action Serial Cleaners in June 2022.

PhotoSource: 505 Games.

Remember that Serial Cleaners was announced June 2020. It was originally planned to be announced in 2021. Draw Distance announced last August that the announcement had been delayed for the first month in 2022. March did not realize the plan for the start of the year.

This new release is available for PC (Steam GOG, Epic Games Store), PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5.


This story features four mafia cleaners who gather at the helm of the mafia before 2000 to recall their labor exploits. These stories expose the mysterious truth about characters’ co-operation. It gets worse.

You will need to steal evidence and dispose of victims in Serial Cleaners. They promise a nonlinear progression through the story and gameplay differences between the protagonists.