Sonic Frontiers is the turning point for the ten years coming in the line

Takashi Iizuka has said on multiple occasions that the pivotal moment in his Sonic franchise was that jump of two levels to three. Sega will bring Sonic the Hedgehog to new levels with Sonic Frontiers, which will feature the Open Zone gameplay in Sonic Frontiers. This is a major shift for Sonic and, as per Sega this will serve as the the next turn point and the foundation for the next 10 years.

Iizuka disclosed the information in an interview in a recent interview GamesBeat. He took advantage of this opportunity and went over the Sonic gameplay using the first generation’s side-shaming. He went on to explain it was the 2nd generation which offered more advanced gameplay (think Sonic Adventure) and explained that Sonic Frontiers is now the next stage in the open-zone design:

The thing we’re trying to do is to take another step. We’re the age of three. We’re aware that fans have shown something brand new, but it may not be available for them at this point.

However, we wanted to know the direction with Sonic in the coming 10 years. How is planning to launch to keep players excited for the future? Sonic Frontiers is the next stage for the next 10 years ahead. We’re hoping that fans trust in us and that they enjoy the way we present ourselves to them. We’re excited for them to participate in this game and comprehend the meaning behind it.


A setting that comes from Sonic Frontiers.

in 2021. Iizuka spoke of the forthcoming Sonic game (which at the time wasn’t been officially dubbed”the Sonic Frontiers) in 2021 as an entirely new generation of Sonic games. It was promised to keep the core features of the game and keep the action going. The high speed of earlier Sonic games was the same as the previous version. In the last week, we’ve also discovered the length of time we’ll take to complete the finalization in Sonic Frontiers.