Space Haven is getting a major update on its web page

To celebrate the second anniversary, Space Haven had a new update. Bugbyte, the developer of Space Haven, says this update is the largest to the simulator’s space colony simulation and includes significant improvements to crew systems and blueprints.

After a successful Kickstarter campaign in 2019, Steam Early Access released Space Haven in 2020. The developer released the most recent update to Space Haven in celebration of two years of Early Access. Alpha 15 is a sign that space age has arrived, making it more difficult for crew members and their work to be harder. This update includes new combat options, decorative items, and, perhaps most importantly, space beer.

First, you can now manage your team’s combat abilities better by using new inventory and crew gear options. New stock types have been developed, and load options let you choose which gear to use. You can now use two new weapons: the plasma and laser, and also new armor and clock cannons. You can now customize and focus your skills with the new Surgical Improvement Center.

Space Haven’s first major change since its update is the modification of crew stats. Crew members have their own preferences and are more open to changing the environment. Good weather is better than good food. A crew member who is experiencing mental distress for too long might be at risk of a mental breakdown. A minor mental illness could lead to a fight, while a serious one could lead to crew members who want to destroy your ship. It is important to keep your crew happy. However, it can be achieved if you listen to what they want and give it to them. Crew members have had their relationships reworked with many new types of relationships, from love to hate.

NPCs as well as new modes

A few new features were also added to the Space Haven update. A variety of new decorative elements were added. Now it is possible to put in a drinks machine that will hold crew’s cold water while they relax. You now have all the tools necessary to create a blueprint. There are more options for changing ship size. It also brings with it a variety and sizes of NPCs as well as new modes of participation and an old generation leader: Factions can now communicate with their own messages and have a leader, captain, or captain. This gives them a character, and helps them understand the sector. This update is quite large for Space Haven. If you haven’t tried the space colony simulator enough times, you might want to try it again. Steam’s full version is available here. All the new features will be available to you.

Space Haven is available on Steam right now, and you can access it from Early Access. Bugbyte is a great choice if you enjoy games like RimWorld and Starmancer. If this sounds appealing, they will be yours. It is not clear if space Haven is available for Mass Effect mods.