The authors of Horizon Forbidden West talked about the idea of the mini-game ‘Clash of cars’

Guerrilla published interesting material on the creation of Clash of Machines for the upcoming Horizon Forbidden West game.

Machineclash is a game where players battle each other by moving legendary machines miniatures around the board. Only the one who moves to eliminate enemy vehicles wins.

The mini-game was created immediately after the add-on’s full release. Freezes for wilds It takes about one year. If the cars were random cubes with random rules, the authors found them by accident.

The team created a prototype game on paper and spent lots of time with it. The Skirmish’s design was simplified to make it easier for players to understand.

They made figurines that didn’t belong in any game tribe. They looked a lot like collectibles. The initial focus of the developers was on handicraft. They showed rough wood carving, and then polished the sculpture to not distract from the main design.

Authors made it possible to see wear and scratches on the figures. The base is where wax has been burned or covered by wax, and we’re referring to the dark areas and forests.


Their narrative work is something that the team is proud of. It made learning the rules of the game fun and easy to understand. The guide was also divided into multiple parts to ensure that it wasn’t overwhelming with information.

The game’s winning creators thanked fans for their positive reaction and offered advice to anyone who is stuck or unable to win.