Valve announced the Summer Sale on Steam with a special quest

When the sale begins, we will know the details. sale, we’ll know the specifics.

We’ll have the details following the auction.

Steam Summer Sale Steam Summer Sale kicks off on the 23rd day of June. In a special trailer Valve confirmed the dates for the sale, and also explained what to expect from the sale.

Through the purchase of traditional badges and cards players can earn distinctive badges. It was thought that this would be connected to a specific quest. We don’t know what the quest is about , but Valve claims that they’ve done not do anything similar before.

Based on the trailer, a lot of important projects that have been launched in recent times will be sold. For instance, discounts are expected to be provided for Forza Horizon 5, Dying Light 2, Ghostwire Tokyo, Cyberpunk 2077.

The sale will run for two weeks, and run until July 7th.

It’s interesting.

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